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The plan was to write a tour post and a separate haul for the new bathroom but it's taken me so long to sit down and write anything that I thought I'd combine the two. I think it's the fact that work has now begun on the downstairs bathroom that's given me the shove I needed to write this. We need a bathroom break for a few weeks....

The whole of the loft is finally finished. I might show you a few pictures of the landing and stairs now they're decorated but that will be in a different post. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll have seen all the hard work that's gone into it from the start. If you haven't... it all began HERE. It seems very unreal.

If you'd like to see the bathroom work in progress you can HERE and HERE. I go into much more detail with regards to where everything is from and why I picked this, that and the other. I just really want you to enjoy the pictures in this post :)

My Dad is a firm believer in B&Q, therefore the majority of items are from there. However, I did save a lot of money on this project through eBay.

For example, the picture light above the mirror was from this seller and the tap from this seller. Taps are so expensive I couldn't believe the price of them but I would definitely recommend this cheaper alternative as it looks and works perfectly.

The mirror was £12 from B&Q (obviously the fixtures came separately for an additional £5. Why sell something without the bits you need to fit it to a wall!?!?). The sink is from the Nicolina range at B&Q and the work top is from a local store which sells odds and ends.

I bought a bath screen as a shower door which saved me hundreds. Made to measure doors are a joke. I used this seller and they were awesome.

The floor, tiles, toilet and shower were all from B&Q. If you want to know where something specific was from or you have any questions I will answer you in the comments!

Also, I'll quickly mention that we bought a Uniflo macerator for the disposal of waste which we were all dreading but so far (I've been using the bathroom about 2 months now) everything has been running smoothly. We bought the plumbers choice version and I have no reason to complain yet. 


Now onto the haul! New bathroom calls for new everything and I throughly enjoyed kitting it out with fancy new towels and toothbrush holders... how sad am I?!

I held out for a bargain whilst looking for towels and it definitely payed off. I found these Collection towel bales in the Debenhams online sale for £15 each! They come with 2 face cloths, 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels. 

I'm really disappointed that they are no longer on offer because I would definitely be placing another order for the downstairs bathroom... I'll have to wait it out. You can see them HERE and they have lots of colours to choose from.

This bath mat is from TKMaxx and it's mahoosive. It cost about £10 which is great for the size of it. I know that Primark have really nice bath mats for a fiver which I might pick up at some point for a bit of a change around.

I bought these accessories on one of my many trips to B&Q. I kind of wish I'd waited to have a look in TKMaxx first because they have some really posh looking dishes etc. But, I think the minimalist design of these matches my monochrome scheme well.

I have already bought bling-y tiles for the downstairs bathroom so I'll save the glitter for down there...

I bought this as a washing basket hoping it would fit inside the cupboard but unfortunately it's too wide so it's now sat on my landing with no purpose except to look interesting. It matches the colour scheme better out there anyway. 

Must have been feeling a bit Pinterest when I picked up this little terrarium from TKMaxx. It cost about £7 and I bought the cactae in the picture below to live in it. Still haven't got around to putting it in there. I have these mad ideas then never get around to doing them!

Finally this vase was on sale in ...yep... B&Q for about £3 and I just can't resist something this colour for that price so it sits proudly collecting dust on the shelf above my loo. 

And that's everything. I feel out of breath from writing this post; it's been a long one. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at some pictures. 
Let me know if you want to see the landing and stairs!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I'll get back to you!

See you next time, 
Leanne x

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P.S. I was keeping tabs on my phone and the grand total for this project was £1, 377. That includes everything from insulation and plasterboard to the soap dish. I'm aiming to half that on the downstairs bathroom because, let's face it, we don't have to build the room first.


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