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The last post you saw from me was the first part of my bathroom renovation; a month ago. I am actually stunned at myself, it doesn't feel like a month since I last blogged. I do come bearing excuses though, two words: Grey's Anatomy. I'm kind of obsessed. One of the students at school told me I needed to watch it, it sounded appealing to me, so I did and now I'm on season 4 of 11.

I've been able to use the bathroom now for about two weeks and so far I really love it. I'm going to write a 'tour' post with all fancy pictures from my fancy camera. But for today, here is part two of the renovation, enjoy!

After we had painted all the walls white I chose some flooring. As it's a tiny room I only needed one pack of floor which meant that I could pick a pricier kind. B&Q didn't have a brilliant range of bathroom floors but I settled on this light grey / off white tile lock. It was £37 a pack which gave you just under 2m of flooring.

Then we fitted the toilet and macerator on top of the floor. We bought a Uniflo macerator which you can see here. The online reviews said that this brand is just as good as Saniflo and comes at half the price. So far it's doing a good job but we did have to make an insulated box to go around it because of the noise it makes.

We bought the toilet from B&Q for £50 however, I know that you can buy the same one at Wickes also for £50 but all the bits in the water tank are already plumbed in for you. Don't be fooled by decent price tag though because the seat they provide sucks so it cost another £20 for a loo seat.

Then I got me some country-style cupboard doors. These are actually so dear for what they are. The two 500mm doors were £27 each and the 600mm door was £32. Daylight robbery for a plank of wood! Anyway, they were the nicest white doors I could find and I'm really happy with how they look.

My Dad conveniently had 3 handles left over from some bi-folding doors downstairs which matched nicely with everything else so I stole them for my cupboards.

We added a row of tiles behind the sink just incase any water splashes back. It also makes it look tidier and more 'finished'.

I have loved and lusted over these waterfall taps forever but they are so dear. B&Q literally sell them for £200 and there wasn't a chance I could afford that on a tap. So I found a far cheaper alternative on eBay for £26! It comes with all the fixtures and fittings and works brilliantly. I used this seller if you'd like to look yourself.

By this time, everything we could do before tiling the shower was done but my Dad didn't want to tile until he knew everything worked incase he had to take the shower out again.

Guess what?

It leaked! So out it all came and we had to fit a new pipe from the shower trap to the macerator. the problem was that there were too many joins in the flexible pipe we originally used. So we replaced it with a normal pipe and it was completely fine after that.

It really did feel like we were taking steps backwards though.

Finally we could tile the shower. I thought I picked dark grey tiles but it turned out they were black. I was nervous that it was too dark for a shower but once it was grouted it looked really sleek and modern.

For the roof of the shower I bought a sheet of white acrylic from a website called Plastic Sheets. It cost £30 for a 700mm by 900mm sheet. The delivery was also £10 which I thought was a rip off as it took them over a week to deliver it. 

There was no way around it though, we needed something waterproof and this was the best idea. 

We bought a Triton mixer shower for around £60 which was a steal. I think the chrome, black and white colours look so good together!

To get a shower door made to measure, you're looking at about £400, no kidding. I only needed a tiny little door, maybe with an angle and I could find nothing. Until I saw some bath/shower screens on eBay that were as cheap as chips and would do the job perfectly. This is the seller I used, it cost me less than £50 and finished the shower off nicely.

The only thing left to do was take some pictures and add some bathroom furnishings. Below are some pictures of it finished but I will post a tour and haul soon!

Thanks for reading,
Leanne :)

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  1. That's a pretty thorough breakdown, Leanne. The thing I realized about bathroom remodeling is that it pays to be consistent, especially in terms of aesthetic. It also is important to be very particular with the toilets and sinks that one would buy. That's a really good advice you made about price points, by the way. Just because they have the same price, doesn't mean they have the same merits. It pays to inspect and scrutinize, and to be very sure on that end.

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total PLBG

    1. Definitely, shopping around saved me so much money on this project. Especially where the sink tap and shower door were concerned!

      Thanks for reading! :)

      Leanne x


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