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If you saw my last haul POST you'll have seen that I picked up the Lush Colour Supplement in Jackie Oates (the lightest shade) and seeing as though I wasn't even aware that Lush made makeup I thought it might be interesting to write a review letting you all know what it's like and how it performs. 

The product comes in 4 shades, each one aimed at different skin types. The one I have is for very fair people with pink undertones. I can't remember exactly what the other descriptions were but I definitely noticed one for people with yellow undertones. 

The mixture itself is very thick and is designed specifically to be mixed with other things such as moisturisers. I think this might contribute to why the have so few shades, they can be lightened or darkened to your preferences. 

Of course you can just use it on it's own too which is what I have been doing.  

As it's so thick you really don't need much, a little goes a long way. The little swatch in the picture below covered the whole of the back of my hand.

When I first applied this base I was worried that I really didn't like it even thought I really really wanted to love it. It took a while to set on my face, however, when it does set (and I would definitely recommend adding a setting powder), it actually looks very flawless. I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to buff it in and that works great. 

Although I really like the finish this base has on my face, there are some downfalls. 

First of all, if you have oily skin, I don't think you'd enjoy this at all. I have quite dry skin, it doesn't know the meaning of oil and it only takes about 2-3 hours for it to become really glowy, to the point where I have to reapply powder. Therefore, I can't see myself wearing this if I have a full day ahead of me because I just don't like to top up my makeup regularly throughout the day. 

Having said that, I haven't yet tried it on top of a primer which may make it stay longer, I have no idea, but it's definitely something I'm going to try as it really does get glowy quickly. 

Although the product is quite thick, it's doesn't necessarily cover blemishes very well, it's does even out your skin tone somewhat but if you have major problem areas you'll probably find yourself using a concealer too. Just something to note if you're looking for a high coverage base. 

Additionally, it has the strangest scent ever for something you use as makeup. It's called Jackie Oats and it genuinely smells like oats. On the Lush website it says it contains oat milk, honey and aloe vera. And my gosh you can smell the oats. It's very milky and sickly and I can't understand why they would make it smell that way. But if you like that kinda scent I can imagine that you'd love it. 

This is the finished look on me:

I've avoided using the word 'foundation' throughout this post because I really don't think it's designed to be a foundation as we know them. Obviously it's a base but it contains ingredients that help calm and cool the skin and reduce redness. So by using this you're actually doing your skin a favour. Although I've only been using this for the past 4 days, I can genuinely feel my skin becoming smoother, so maybe it's doing it's job?

Overall, I think this product has both negatives and positives. I think once it's set on your skin it looks extremely flawless and is the perfect base for your makeup and this can be maintained throughout the day if you want to do that. I also love it's versatility, I enjoy the idea that it's designed to be mixed with things so you can match it with your skin tone. Just think about what you could mix it with, moisturisers, sun cream, bronzers, loose powder highlighters, you could really make it in to what you want it to be. I think this would definitely be a useful product to have for those days when your skin is feeling a little irritated or dry but you don't want to go out bare faced, you can just whip this on knowing that you're helping your skin, not just adding to the problem.

On the other had, I'm not too keen on the scent and I don't like how quickly it becomes glowy but if you can deal with these problems you'll probably really enjoy the product. (I'm not sure if the other shades also smell like oats though, let me know if you've tried any!)

If you'd like to view the product online you can by clicking HERE.

Price: £8.50 (20g)

Would I recommend this product? yes
Would I repurchase this product? yes

Let me know if this helped you in any way or if you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you!
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