Easy & Delicious Banana Smoothie! | Leanne's Kitchen!

Hello everyone!

I have jumped on the Smoothie bandwagon and today for my breakfast/dinner I made myself a simple banana smoothie!

'Why are you showing us how to make a banana smoothie?!' I hear you say. Well, I'm not really trying to teach you anything new I just wanted to share some pics and show my enthusiasm because I enjoyed it sooooo much!

Things I used:
2 Bananas (at first I thought I only needed 1, wrong!)
Golden Syrup
Bowl to mix everything in
A glass

First I broke up a banana in to small pieces and placed them in to a bowl, then I added the syrup and milk.

I didn't measure anything out just incase you're wondering, I just whipped everything in there and used as much as I thought I needed.

Then I began to blend them ingredients together. I tried to make the banana pieces quite small to make the blender's job a bit easier. If you have a jug kinda blender then you probably won't have to do that I just didn't want it to spit everywhere and then I'd have to clean it up.

After blending them together I decided that I needed to add another banana, it was a bit too thin at first, I probably added too much milk but I'd definitely make it again with 2 bananas as the flavour was so rich and tasty! I also added ice at this point, I used crushed ice rather than ice cubes, again to make the blender's job easier.

When it was all blended together it looked like this:

Put in to a glass with a straw it looks very Pinterestesque, don't you think?

All finished!

I'm so happy and impressed with myself that I had this brainwave for my dinner! It was absolutely delicious and I'm thinking of buying a jug kinda blender if I carry on making them (which I think I will).

It definitely makes a change from eating sandwiches and soup and things like that for dinner. It's easy, quick and efficient to make and if you don't use a hand blender, even better for you! It took me about 3 minutes to throw all the ingredients together, blend and put in to a glass!

Also, it really fills you up, I love bananas but I hardly eat them because I don't like the texture they leave on my teeth afterwards. Does anyone else have this problem? And if I ate a banana for my dinner I'd only eat one whereas this tackled two and was a pleasure to drink. You could obviously make it a bit healthier by not adding the syrup but I just really like syrup! :D

Thanks for reading!
Let me know if this inspired you to make a smoothie for your dinner :)


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