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Hey Everyone!

How lovely has the weather been today? It's gorgeous!

I haven't posted anything for a few days because I have been a bit under the weather, I've had a horrible summer cold, my throat was absolutely killing and my head's felt like mush so even if I did attempt to write something it wouldn't have been very well written anyway. 

I still have said cold but I just wanted to show you a few pictures of what I've been up to today, nothing strenuously written :) 

My Dad and I went out on his new motorbike today, it was really good we went over Snake Pass if anyone's from the north of England you'll know what I'm taking about. Right over the Pennines and to some little places where we stopped for a brew and something to eat. 

As you can see, the ducks were chilling and sunbathing and eating the remainder of hotdogs! 

Above you can see Derwent reservoir in Derbyshire, it's crazy to think that a whole village was submerged under there when then built it including a 17th century Church, cottages, farm land and a huge old mansion. I'd love to go diving there and see what remains! 

Then we stopped off at a little place in Castleton. It's a very mountainous place and you can see people probably sweating their asses off climbing the mountain. It's really cool around there, there are loads of little caves to go and explore.

The sun was greatly in my eyes on this! haha

Looks like there's no water in it but there is!
When I got home we went and picked up a paddling pool I reserved for Hector, it was only £2.99 from Argos! :) I don't know how thrilled he was but he didn't try to escape so he must've liked it a bit!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!
What've you been up to today?


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