His and Hers Night Out OOTD! 29/6/13

Hello everyone!

On Saturday Tom and I went to town with a few friends and I thought I'd show you what we wore! Kinda like a his and hers OOTD :D Enjoy!

Tom was having a good time, he just isn't fond of smiling! 
I have on:

A top from H&M (I can't find a link for this, sorry!)
Skirt from New Look, you can see that HERE.
My jacket is from Urban Outfitters, you can see that HERE.
My bag is from River Island a loooong time ago.


Top is from Burton, you can see it HERE.
Shirt is also from Burton, you can see it HERE.
Chinos are also from Burton, you can see them HERE.

(Hilarious point: Tom went shopping on his own while I was getting my hair done and he said that this was what the mannequin was wearing and he thought it looked good so he bought them clothes, I think that's so funny)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Thanks for reading!


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