Miss Sporty 'Clubbing Colours' Quick Dry Nail Polish!

Hello everyone!

You may have seen the last post I wrote on these Miss Sporty 'Clubbing Colours' Nail polishes. The last post was on a pink colour (I can't find their names/numbers on the bottle) and you can see that HERE.

As I mentioned in my other post that I'd let you know how I get on with the other colours, here's a look at the green shade I picked up!

The finish on this one is a little different to the pink, it has a slight pearlescent finish which I'm not overly keen on but that's just my personal taste, there's nothing wrong with the colour itself. 

The performance it pretty much the same as the pink shade except when applying it I noticed this one was a little thicker and more opaque than the pink. One coat would probably do the job, I'm just in the habit of applying two.

As far as the 'quick dry' is concerned, I think they do dry pretty quick. Considering I apply two coats after 5mins they're completely dry and I can go about doing what I want and they don't smudge which is good. Who has the time/patience to wait half an hour for nails to dry? Not me!

These nail polishes also last a good amount of time before they chip. They're only cheap polishes too which really surprised me. I wore this green colour for about 5 days and when I took it off it wasn't chipping or anything, I just wanted a change. Very impressive in my opinion!

Are you going to give the Miss Sporty nail polishes a try? I would highly recommend them!

Price: £1.99

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