Accessorize 'Aztec' Nail Polish, Review!

Hello everyone!

I have a quick review for you here on the Accessorize nail polish 'Aztec'.

I've had this nail polish for ages and I used it once but didn't really like the way it looked however I tried it again a few days ago applying more coats and I love it!

It has an oil spill effect and changes colour in different lights, it's so beautiful. Sometimes it looks green sometimes it looks a pink/purple colour and I've had so many people they say the like it!

As I mentioned, you do need to apply about 3 coats for the colour to be opaque but I really think it's worth it as it looks so good!

In my experience, it wears well, I've had it on for 3 days and it hasn't chipped however I did put Maybelline's top coat on too so I can't say how it performs on its own, sorry.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this nail polish, give it a few coats and it looks wonderful!

You can see it at Superdrug for £3.95 :)

Thanks for reading!


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