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Hello everyone!
How are you?

On Sunday (21st) I bought a new camera! After Tom got his new camera I was feeling left out that I didn't have a good camera to take pretty pictures on for my blog. I'd been looking on the internet at a few around the £100 price range and to be completely honest there isn't a great deal of them out there.

So on Sunday I decided to go and have a look around Currys because I like to actually see what I'm getting before I buy electrical appliances and in all truth I didn't want to wait for delivery.  It was one of them trips out where you tell yourself you're just going to look around, see what's out there and have a think about it. That didn't happen. I left the shop with a new camera. I am too impatient and impulsive for my own good.

 I left the shop with a Samsung WB150F. It cost £99.99 and for the price it's quite a nifty little thing!
It has WiFi, you can upload pictures directly to Facebook, Email, Samsung phone/tablet, Photobucket it has 14.2 Megapixels and an 18x Optical zoom. 

I know that's a lot of technical jargon. I don't know what it means either. I was looking for something that takes good up close pictures with regards to my blog pictures and at first I was looking for a high number of Megapixels but one of the staff said to look for a high optical zoom. 18x optical zoom was the highest I could find within my price range!

One downfall for me with this camera, which I was unaware of until I got it home, is that it is only compatible with a Windows laptop. I use a MacBook so it might as well not have WiFi at all for me which is annoying. I was looking forward to not having to plug it in to get picture off it. Regardless, I'm over it now, it takes good photos, I'm happy with the quality and no more iPhone pictures Woo!! 

I was also looking at a Nikon Coolpix which was also £99.99 and had 20 MP and a 7x Optical Zoom but I just didn't like the camera, it didn't look great and it definitely didn't feel like I was using almost £100's worth of equipment when I was using it in the shop. So in my opinion for £100 this Samsung camera is definitely one of the best on the market at the moment, and if you use a Windows computer all the better!


On to other matters:

On Monday my Mac broke. Can you believe it? I get a new camera... computer breaks!
I took it to the apple shop on Monday afternoon because when I found out my camera didn't work through WiFi I thought it'd be simple to just plug the SD memory card in to get pictures off but Lo and behold I plugged it in and my laptop did not register it. Nothing at all happened and I couldn't find the drive located anywhere on the system.

So I took it to the Apple shop and the woman plugged something in to it she called a 'ghost operating system' and told me it doesn't work and it never will again along with a few other things I didn't even know about. She basically showed me a hefty number I wasn't prepared to pay to get it all fixed. And that was that, I took it home.

When I tried to use my laptop later on that evening my account absolutely f**ked (for want of a better word). I couldn't access the Finder application so I couldn't see any of my data, when I clicked on the other apps it would freeze and the menu bar across the top kept flickering. I was petrified that either my laptop was broke or I'd have to pay a huge bill to get it repaired. When I took it back to the Apple shop again on Tuesday the 'genius' had no idea what was wrong with it, he was baffled. I'm absolutely sure it was something the woman on Monday did to it because I didn't touch it until I was home.

The 'genius' managed to fix it enough so that I could access Time Machine and told me to go and buy an external hard drive, back it up, delete my account and create a new one because all was fine on the guest account. So I bought the hard drive (£35 from Argos), backed up my laptop (4hours it took) and then ... wait for it.... everything worked fine.

When the backup had finished the whole thing just fixed itself. It was unbelievable. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy it's fixed but I payed £35 for a hard drive!! 


Anyway, that's been my life for the last few days. I haven't written anything on here due to the reasons above but I have a haul post planned and I'm getting my '6 MaxFactor Mascaras' post up and running soon, I took the pictures for it before on my pretty camera and they're lookin' good!  

Thanks for reading this!
I'll see you all next time :) 

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