Reorganisation - 1 draw, 1 day!

Hey everyone!

Today's task was to clean out this one single draw. Sounds like a small task. Not at all!

It took me around an hour and a half to complete the task mainly because I had to sift through a pile of mail that had built up over 2/3 years :| That was a depressing task. 

The draw itself is actually really large in size so it fits plenty in it, it just needed some stuff throwing away and better storage! 

I threw away all the letters I didn't need and also took out a lot of CDs which I'm never going to listen to again i.e. NOW 47, Winter R&B Classics 2007, Ashley Tisdale, the list goes on I'm ashamed to admit. 

 Also I rid myself of a load of old junk such as my old glasses, some phone cases a pile of sweets which has gone off. I'm making myself sound like a tramp here haha. I just kept adding to the draw rather than getting rid of the old things I didn't need anymore!

I put all my electrical things like wires and adapters and old iPods in a shoe box! Slightly unsightly but who's gonna see inside the draw? You can see my old walkman on top, I don't use it anymore but I just can't part with it! Anyone remember them? :D That heart thing is a slinky! Such a '90s draw lol. 

So this is what it looks like now:

It's much lighter and easier to use, I like it a lot, it makes me feel happy that even the inside of draws are getting tidy. I'm planning on organising the next draw tomorrow which will take much longer as it's full of craft material/stationary and the third draw on Wednesday so look out for them posts if you like this kinda thing :)

What do you think? 
Has anyone else been doing some reorg. recently?

Thanks for reading!


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