L'Oreal 'Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray' | Review!

Hello everyone!

As you may have seen in THIS rather large haul, I recently purchased the L'Oreal 'Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray'. I bought it as a quick and easy hairstyle as beachy waves seem to be the in-thing at the moment and this looked perfect for the task!

I actually had my hair straightened prior to using the spray so I added a few curls and waves myself with my curling wand as I knew that the spray alone wouldn't make much difference. Then I just sprayed it on and kind of scrunched my hair up and held it for a few seconds.

I really like the effect it had on my hair. I think it helps hold curls in place and gives the hair more texture, however, if your hair is straight I think it works better if you add a few waves yourself first.

As far as the spray itself is concerned, it does have quite a strong chemical scent so be careful not to accidentally breathe that in when you're applying it. Also if you apply too much of it I think it might leave a horrible 'crispy' texture to your hair so just be aware of that! It lasts throughout the day but it has to be reapplied the next day. 

Other than that, I actually really like this product, it does what it says it's going to do. It's not overly priced and it comes in a cool bottle! What more could you ask for?

Price: £3.69
You can see it online HERE.

Would I recommend this product? yes
Would I repurchase this product? yes

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I absolutely love that ombre/dipdye in your hair! looks stunning :)
    I'm tempted to buy this salt spray when mine runs out; For that price you can't really complain haha :)

    1. Thank you! It's just a shame that it fades so fast haha!
      You should definitely give it a go, you can't knock it for the price :)
      Leanne x


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