Friday and Mini Beauty Haul!

Hello everyone!

On Friday Tom and I went in to Manchester to do some shopping and get something to eat because he had the day off. We had a really nice time just browsing the shops and chilling out. First we went to Black Dog Ballroom, the one near Afflecks and had a few games of pool. I lost every single game but it was fun nonetheless! Then we did some shopping around the Arndale and went to TGIs for something to eat! Tom treated me to a few bits and bobs (Thank you Tom!) so I thought I'd show you in this post! Hope you enjoy!

We picked up a few bits from Lush first. I had no intentions to actually buy anything but when you get in there you just have to, don't you? :D

First of all Tom bought me an 'Each peach (and twos a pair)' Massage Bar and omg this thing is amazing. I'd actually nearly bought one of these when I ordered something online not too long ago but I decided not to having not smelt it first. Is that weird? I like to smell these kinda things first! I needn't have worried. If you like citrus and zesty scents you will love this. It has such a strong fragrance, enough to fill a room with it just sitting there, and when you rub it into your skin the scent becomes 10x stronger!

You just have to rub the bar in your hands like you would soap and it turns in to an oil then you can rub it into your skin, or have someone massage it into your back. It's so relaxing. I am definitely going to be stocking up on this. It's gorgeous! The price is a little steep, however, you could definitely get 3/4 uses out of this for your whole body depending on how much you like to use.

Price: $5.50

Next I picked up this 'Colour Supplement' in the shade 'Jackie Oates'. It's a very thick foundation and is designed in a way that you can mix it with things such as moisturisers or suncreams or even just use it on its own. 

I had no idea Lush made makeup so I was really interested in trying this out. One of the staff told me it's really soft on the skin which is good and it actually looks like a really good colour match for me. I haven't tried it yet but I'll definitely be writing a review on it! On the lid it's described as 'For fairer folk and English Roses. A pale, muli-purpose base colour with added gentleness'. Now if I'm not mistaken this sounds perfect for me, I'm pale as can be and have quite sensitive skin so I am very excited about this!

Price: £8.50

Finally from Lush I bought a 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' face mask. I have never had a Lush face mask before so I just went around smelling them and this one hands down smelt the best. I know that's not what your meant to do, you're supposed to read which best suits you but some of them smelt bloody horrible and I just couldn't put asparagus on my face, sorry I'm not sorry!

This one smells like palma violet sweets, it's so nice! I actually had this on my face for about half an hour today and I love it. It was cooling and left my skin feeling great! (I'll write a full review soon). This one's designed to help calm, soothe and cleanse skin. I thought this would be good for my skin seeing as though it's quite dry and can get irritated easily. So far I'm loving it!

Also, you could definitely get about 7/8 uses out of this small tub. It's very thick so a bit goes a long way so in my eyes it's worth the price.

Price: £5.50

Lastly, I finally got the Hollister body spray I've been needing in my life for so long! Again, thank you Tom! These things are so over priced for what they are but they smell so nice! I have it in the scent 'Solana Beach' which I think is the scent that they have floating around the shop, if not, it's pretty damn close. 

It smells fruity and fresh and summery and I just love it!

Price: £12 :O

After all that shopping, Tom treated us to TGIs, we have both been craving steak since we came back off holiday so we got our fill of it yesterday!

We both got the tomato bruchetta to start which was really nice and tasty. We usually get the bacon and cheese potato skins but this made a nice change!

And for mains I got the New York steak thing. I can't remember the actual name of it but it was so nice! I get it with the butter topping, mash and seasoned veg! It was so yom!

And that was our Friday! We had a really good day out shopping and I feel totally spoilt after being treated to so many pretty things by Tom! Thanks bubs :D

Look out for full reviews on the things I mentioned in the post as I'll definitely be writing them soon!

Thanks for reading!
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