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Hello everyone!

My posts this month have been few and far between, I know, I just haven't been able to focus properly and actually sit to write something in this heat (not that I'm complaining, I love it!). So over the last few weeks the shopping has been adding up, some online orders have turned up, and I've ended up with a pretty lengthy haul post for you. Obviously everything in this post was not bought in one shopping trip but if I leave these things any longer they will not get written about at all so let's get started!

The most exciting thing I have to talk about is my Samsung Galaxy Tab which was given to me by my boyfriend Tom :D He took out a deal they have at Carphone Warehouse where you pay a £21 per month contract and get a phone, this tablet and the new Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera (which is fab btw!). Since he has an iPad mini he said I could have this which I was pleased as punch about as I've been wanting a tablet for a while now. 

I'm planning on writing a full review on it soon as there's too much to say in this post about it but so far I'm loving it, it's easy to use once you've got used to the set up, I struggled at first as I've been using Apple's software for so long but it didn't take me long to get my head around it :) It's convenient for carrying around the house reading blog posts and all that jazz! Thank you Tom! :D

Next, my ROMWE order arrived! I'd been waiting with anticipation for this and now look at the weather... definitely not jumper appropriate haha. 

I absolutely love this jumper. I say jumper but it's so sheer that it's not going to keep you warm in the winter without a few layers. I'm not sure whether the wool is mohair but it definitely has that kind of shedding effect, as in if you were sat in a car it might leave some wool behind but that might stop after it's been washed. Normally I'm a size 10 and I would order a Medium usually however I knew this was going to be quite baggy so I ordered it in a size Small which is perfect! 

Delivery wise, It really didn't take that long. I think it took around 10 days to arrive which is not bad at all considering I once waited a month for a H&M order which I paid £3.90 delivery on and ROMWE has free shipping.

From the River Island sale I picked up these green skinny jeans for £10!

Now when River Island say 'skinny' they absolutely mean it! I really have to squeeze myself in to these. They don't look bad on, don't get me wrong, when you're in them they look great but the leg on them is very tight. I was considering getting a size 12 just for that extra leg room but around the hips they fit fine whereas I'd probably have to wear a belt with the 12s so I'm hoping that with time and wear they stretch and slacken up a bit. I think once the weather cools down and the cold draws in (boo) I'll get a lot of wear out of these. Also, I love the colour!

From H&M I have this khaki coloured skater skirt. It kind of has a quilted effect on the fabric, I'm not quite sure what it's called but it something a bit different to the normal style for a change. I haven't worn this yet but I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of it! This was £5 in the sale.

Another H&M order finally arrived, I do not enjoy the shipping at H&M, they take forever and it's not like you have free shipping either. The reason I continue to order online is that I have good discount codes. I have one for £5 off (1304) and one for 25% off your not expensive item (0241) At the moment you can also get free shipping (0549) but I think you can only add 2 vouchers per order so you'll have to work out which 2 are most beneficial to you.

Onwards. I ordered some black 'bleach' effect trousers (idk what the real name for the effect is), they look like jeans but they're not, they are thinner than jeans. I nearly bought these a while ago for about £14 but I'm glad I waited because I ended up getting these for about £5!

I also picked up these 'copper' coloured shiny pumps for £4 which I love. However, I think they are advertised as 'copper' but they are definitely pink so just be aware of that. Additionally, I'd recommend you buy the next size up to your shoe size because I bought a size 5 and they feel quite small. I'm going to try and wear them out but I might have to give them to my sister if they're too uncomfortable. I do still think they're really pretty nonetheless! 

Beauty wise, I've only picked up a few bits and bobs which is so unlike me. I can feel a Big Beauty Splurge coming on if I'm honest, I need to get my hands on that MaxFactor wild/festival range and the new huge L'Oreal eyeliner!

What I have picked up is a No.7 Gel Cleanser. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't plan or research this purchase at all. I had one of them £5 off No.7 skincare Boots vouchers which I wanted to use up because I never do and this just sounded appealing. 

I'm actually really happy with it. I bought it on a whim, wasn't really sure what it was going to be like, I just knew I wanted to try a new cleanser and this was for skin that's prone to drying which mine is so I picked it up. As far as I'm concerned it works brilliantly, my skin's nice and smooth after use and all my makeup is removed. win win. I think I would buy this product at full price (£9) but it just makes it that much more amazing that I got it for £4 with the £5 off voucher!

I also picked up the new L'Oreal salt spray 'Matte and Messy'. I saw this on the advert and decided it was definitely for me. when I straighten my hair I think this'll give it a nice texture, look our for a review because I'll definitely be writing one! The bottle is the coolest thing ever, things should be in circle bottles more often in my opinion. This cost £3.55 from Superdrug.

Since Miss Sporty nail polishes were on 2 for 3 and they're only £1.99 each these could not be resisted. My favourite is the pink on the right. I can't see if they have names on the bottles which is unfortunate, sorry about that. I'll let you all know how I get on with these!

 Lastly on the 'beauty' front, I picked up a few hair supplies from Poundworld. I got some velcro rollers and some bendy rollers. I tried the velcro ones and they got stuck in my hair. I'm not completely sure whether this was my error or the rollers but I'll try them again. I haven't tried the bendy rollers yet but I will be doing soon because they look fun :D 

The hair dye kit I bought in preparation for re doing my purple ombre when the time comes. £70 is way too much to be spending every time it fades so I'm going to have to man up and do it myself :|

Last but nor least, books! I got my reading lists for next year at uni and I chose Shakespeare and Children's Literature so I thought I'd just buy the Shakespear ones and start making my way through them. I for them for £2 each at my local book shop which I was extremely happy about.

Also I've bought the final two True Blood books, I'm half way through Deadlocked and loving it, I'm excited about starting the last one but sad too. My Dead Ever After is signed by Charlaine Harris which  just blows my mind, I can't believe I actually met her, she's such a lovely person! If you'd like to read more about that, click HERE.

If you're still here, thank you so much for reading this! I know it's been a long one but I suppose it makes up for the lack of posts this month? I hope I haven't bored you to tears!

Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather in the UK! and anywhere else you might be reading this from :) 

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All the way through writing this someone's car/house alarm has been going off -_- it's like when you're in a dream and you can hear your alarm clock going off but can't make it stop.

I've been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and I love it. It's so cool, I think I'm nearly on series 3 and so far I really like Jesse I feel so sorry for him! And I really don't like Skyler I think she's annoying as hell.

I just made and drank a Strawberry Smoothie, It was nice but not nearly as nice as my Banana smoothie. I also made a banana, peach and orange flavoured smoothie not too long ago which was soooo refreshing!

I've also been drinking my fair share of Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime Cider. If you haven't tried this cider you need to. It's so full of flavour and it's perfect for this weather. We had a BBQ last night and it went down a treat! 


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