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Does this post seem familiar to you? If it does, you may remember my Loft Conversion posts which you can see here, here and finally here.

When my room was finished the intended bathroom area was left with the door closed on it for over 4 months. With lots of other things to be getting on with, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that is was so much as looked at again.

I hope you can excuse the grainy photos, the room has no window so it's always really dark but you can still see what's goin' down.

Hope you enjoy part 1 of my bathroom conversion...

I actually forgot to take pictures from the very beginning so most of the plasterboard was up by this time. The only major change you can see here though, is the wall that was built out to make a shower cubicle. The ceiling is too low just to buy a glass shower enclosure so all the walls will be tiled and there will, eventually, be a glass door on the front.

Plaster boarding the walls and some pipes.

Here you can see behind the shower wall, this is where the toilet is going.

We used Celotex insulation because it can be fitted within in the beams rather than on top of them. This makes for an inch or so extra height from the ceiling. It's really good insulation but it costs about £6 per sheet which could get really pricy if you're insulating a large room.

Walls: Complete.

That white pipe is for the sink.

Shower fittings. We opted for a mixer shower because we found a really good deal on a Triton for £60. The electrics were already fitted so it could be changed in the future but I don't see why it ever will be.

These are the fittings for spot lights (there are two but I couldn't get them both in shot) and the fan. As we have no window it was essential that a fan was fitted to get rid of steam and reduce mould.

We actually have two light switches outside, one for an LED picture light which is on the wall above the sink (you can see this on the last picture) and one which puts the two spot lights and the fan on simultaneously. The idea is that if you're just using the sink or toilet you don't have to have the fan on but when you're in the shower, the fan will come on with the big lights. Does that make sense?

The fan is on a timer to continue to run for 5 minutes after the lights are switched off.

The shower had to be built up from the floor to allow a downward slope from the shower trap into the.... yep... macerator.

Plastering... my Dad's least favourite job in the world.

Drying plaster.... it takes days to dry :(

Several hours I spent scouring the internet for an inexpensive vanity unit and I reckon that no such thing exists. They were ridiculously priced and most of them were so ugly that I came up with a better idea. 

Kitchen cupboards. I bought one 1000mm and one 600mm cabinet which are supposed to be for the walls in a kitchen. Next to each other, they fit right across the room like a glove. This disguises all the piping behind it and provides lots of storage space for towels and bathroom supplies. 

Finally we took the blue wrapping off the shower and fitted it.

Then gave the walls their first coat of paint.

You can see here what the fan and spot lights look like as well as the LED picture light I was talking about earlier. I bought it off eBay for £16.

I bought the counter top from a local shop which sells odd cut offs. It's a matte dark grey with random specks of white in it. I think it cost £37. The back had to be cut down as it was far too wide for the units.

The sink is from B&Q and goes by the name of Nicolina. It's a counter top sink which my Dad would tell you is a devil to fit.

I also bought one of them cool waterfall taps for £25 from eBay and it's just as good as the ones you can buy from B&Q for £200. Let me know in the comments if you want the link to the seller I used.

The sink was finished off with a silver push plug which is awesome.

Then the rest of the room was painted too. 

We have since fitted the macerator which I bought from eBay by the brand Uniflo as it was considerably cheaper than a Saniflo. We have fitted the toilet and floor and all that's left to do now is tile the shower, fit the actual shower and shower door which I still haven't ordered and we'll be good to go! 

Part 2 should be up within the next 2 weeks hopefully and I shall definitely do a tour with better quality pictures when it's all finished. 

I'll probably write a review of the Uniflo telling you how many times it's broken in a few months ;)
Let me know how yours has faired if you have one!

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x


  1. Amazing post dear!


    1. Thank you! Part 2 will be up soon :D


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