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Well this post certainly hasn't been written before its time, about three weeks has passed since I went to Chester. But hey ho, better late than never. Today I thought I'd share with you all the goodies I very impulsively treated myself to because I definitely deserved it. 

I don't know whether it was the new scenery and unfamiliar shops or the fact that everyone else was buying things too, but I just kept seeing things that I loved. I spent a lot of cash on this shopping trip but I've promised myself that it won't be happening again any time soon! Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at all the pretty things :)

Never do I venture into Accessorise because I know I'll want all the things at ridiculous prices. Thankfully on this occasion all the jewellery was on 3 for 2 so I did pick up 3 necklaces. The only one I can find a link to online is the Tribal Collar Necklace. I love them all very much and they are my little treasures. *Heart-Eyed-Emoji*

The Debenhams sale definitely got me. I kept finding awesome deals that I just couldn't resist. The purple pencil skirt I picked up from Miss Selfridge for around £11 ... I just can't pass up a tribal pattern these days. Then I saw the leather skirt of my dreams in Oasis for £8. Yup. Eight. Pounds. I have several pairs of leather-look pants so now I can continue the theme in skirt-form. Love.

My photo editing has jumbled up shop order so briefly moving onto New Look, I bought this pink summer dress which I've not yet shown my Mum because she'd be shocked and stunned at my frivolity. I don't usually part with £20 on something so casual but I just love it. It's summery and it's pretty, it's tribal print and it's just everything I look for in... life. Cannot wait to wear it with a little denim jacket. See online here.

Back to Debenhams. I found this peachy coloured dress in Henry Holland, it was 25% off and I payed £18.75 for it. The whole style attracts me, I like the way it is structured on the top half and skater-style on the bottom. You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with boots and a scarf. I don't know, for something I don't usually go for, it really appealed to me. See online here.

Sticking with Debenhams, I picked up the cami (top, right corner) from Miss Selfridges. This cost £16 after a 30% reduction. The picture quality is rubbish after I've collaged them together but you can see it better on the picture online. It's called the Floral Twinkle Cami and it's gorgeous. It's all my favourite colours with glittery beads embroidered within it. Just stunning. I shall wear it with pride every day throughout summer....

I found a diamond among the rough in the H&M sale, this cute little skater dress cost me £7 and it's just perfect for work or throwing on for a casual day. 

Finally, we went in a quaint boutique for a look around all the pretty things that you're frightened to touch. I could have bought a scarf, a rug, several pieces of furniture but I only came away with one little jam jar glass. This has fast become my favourite means of vodka consumption. 


And there you have it, folks. That's everything I picked up in Chester. I spent a lot of money but there's not one thing that I won't get use out of so I don't regret a single item. 

Let me know in the comments what you're favourite piece is and how you'd style it!

Hope you enjoyed reading!
Leanne x

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