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Back in my uni days, particularly the first year, I would spend hours scrolling through Tumblr lusting after chic and boho bedrooms. I always loved the look of big, comfy beds scattered with cushions and blankets so I bloody well ordered myself some. That, though, was four years ago so last week I spruced up my bed and bought some brand new fancy covers which match my new bedroom decor.

eBay was of course the culprit again. I could afford some slightly more expensive covers this time around because I didn't have to purchase the inserts. You can buy them pretty cheaply though from sellers like this.

I bought three new 18"x18" covers all from the same seller who I would definitely recommend. They're all made from a thick, woven-like fabric which feels much more expensive than they actually were. I did have big problems trying to decide which designs to pick. There were just too many.

Green Geometric Print Cover - £5.98
Chevron / ZigZag Cover - £3.69
Patterned 'Nature' Cover - £6.39

I also bought two 20"x20" covers in the designs Ellie Aqua and Blooms Field Blue, these were £5.95 each. They are a much thinner and softer material than the previous three but still look and feel like expensive cushions. The zips work fine although you can tell that they are pretty cheap so they won't take much tugging before they break; you just have to be light handed when you use them. Otherwise these are perfect. 

I'm really pleased with the way they've brightened my room and given it a bit of freshness for the upcoming summer time. I can see myself buying a few more in the future so I can swap and change often :)

Let me know if you've been sprucing your room up in preparation for summer, I'd love to hear your ideas!

See you next time, 
Leanne x

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