Photo Diary | 28th April - 3rd May 2015

Eeee another week has shot by and my bank holiday weekend is over :( I've been looking forward to this long weekend since I started work in September haha. Only a small post this week, I haven't been remembering to take pictures so I've taken a few from my Instagram, too!

I used my new tea light holder for the first time and I think it's so pretty. It's blue but when it's lit up inside it turns multi coloured!

The hair on the right is some inspo for me. When I get paid I'm marching myself down to the hair dressers to get my mop chopped and coloured. It's been too long! I want it to be more of an icy blonde, especially towards the ends, as it's more warm toned at the moment and I fancy a change.

I'm obsessed with She Inside at the moment. I have only ever received one order from them so far but I have another order in the post right now and I'm already eyeing up some other bits. I just wish the shipping was faster. If you'd like to see my last haul it's here. I'm thinking of writing a wishlist soon, just to keep myself satisfied until payday when I can buy something lolol. 

My Mum and I went to Weatherspoons for tea one night. It was £8 for two wraps and chips, 2 lattes and a can of that awesome lemonade. How cheap is that!? 

My Saturday night consisted of... Snooker (currently watching the final as I write this), Summer Berries Cider which tasted nice but was very fizzy. Much more so than my normal Rekorderlig. And little Hector!

Bought this little puppy for the next time I fancy being tropical. Mango flavoured vodka. It is delightful. Tastes like Solero ice creams. Everybody needs to try it!

Sunday was wardrobe day. It was getting ridiculous. I couldn't see what was in there so I resorted to wearing only the stuff on top. I chucked a lot of things, gave some away and sold some on eBay... definitely feeling more organised. 

Tomorrow I'm back in work :( But at least it pays for all my impulsive online shopping!

I'm off to paint my nails blue now, I'm on to the last of my Baby Beats China Glaze set which I shall review for you very soon. 

Thanks for reading,
Hope you all have a lovely week!
Leanne x

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