2015 Goals Progress | April

Can I just start this post by expressing how flabbergasted I am that it's time to write the first 2015 Goals Review?! It's May on Friday...MAY! It'll be Christmas soon. I definitely had a cushion covers haul for you today but that'll have to wait until next Wednesday now ;)

Anyway. If you're new around these parts, this is the first of the quarterly updates I do throughout the year where I pretty much review and re-familiarise myself with my resolutions. You can see my January post here.

So let's see what the damage is this time...

1. Be more online.
I have started to Tweet a bit more. If you'd like to follow me, you can @MystNeonLights I'm always up for a convo. I've also started to use Twitter to contact brands more. For example, when a package arrives late I'll Tweet them and usually the problem gets solved quicker then when I contact them via email. My Instagram still gets sorely neglected and I still suck at following other bloggers on Twitter. Need to work on that.

2. Be more confident.
I've worked so hard to be more confident recently and I think I'm kinda getting there. I'm not second guessing myself as much and I'm not over thinking things as much either. I've just got a 'get on with it' attitude at the moment. I'm definitely losing sleep over less things these days anyway. Having a job and meeting new people has really pushed me to be more outgoing. I just spent an entire weekend with 8 people who before only a few months ago I didn't even know. A year ago that would have scared the life out of me. A good calming technique I've been using is asking, 'what's the worst that could happen?' and usually it's something not bad at all.

3. Buy a coffee machine.

Nope. I want one so badly and I'm always eyeing up the prices but there's just no room in the kitchen for one. It'd be in the way :( I think I'll have to wait until we've got a new kitchen for this one (or when I've got my own house lol).

4. Save Up.
Lol. Nope. So much to pay for.

5. Go to more places.
This is probably my most successful goal so far. Since January I've visited LiverpoolAmsterdam and Chester. Pretty good going to have visited a new place almost every month so far ;) I also spent Easter in Fleetwood with the family but I've been there before.

6. Do more cooking.
I've done more food shopping. Does that count? And we've bought a new cooker. I've so far mastered Bernard Matthew's Turkey Burgers, Richmond's sausages and curly fries. My ambitious pasta plans are yet to happen.

That's it so far folks. I'm pleased mostly with the confidence goal and the visiting places goal. I just want to do more this year. I'm going to try and focus on the social networking goal over the next few months.

How're you getting on with your 2015 goals? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,
Leanne x

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