Maybelline Color Show | Pink Slip

I hope you guys like looking at nail polishes because today I bought six new shades to show you! All from the Maybelline Color Show range which makes a change (Barry M fiend over here) but they were all £2.99 and on a 3 for 2 offer which I couldn't refuse.

First up is Pink Slip which is a metallic/foil effect rosy pink colour. It's not rose gold, it's definitely just pink but it's still very pretty. 

I only had to use two coats to get full coverage which is an absolute doddle compared with some of the China Glaze polishes I continue to use. It dried to a really nice shiny finish and I didn't feel the need to add a top coat. It did remain tacky for quite a while but after 15-20 mins I could fully function as a normal human being again.

I can definitely see me wearing this throughout the spring and into summer as it's a nice fresh colour which reminds me of Easter eggs and budding flowers. Especially blossom trees. 

Thanks for reading! Keep your eyes peeling for the next five shades I picked out....
Leanne x

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Thoughts of the day

  • I took a week off over Easter to recuperate from life. Both work and keeping up on blogging were getting on my nerves (for want of a better phrase) so I just didn't do any. But I'm ready to get back on the ball again!
  • My little bathroom is getting well on it's way now... hopefully I'll be able to show you that work in progress.
  • I'm mid-way through season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. I've been continuously watching it for about two weeks now and I've nearly caught up. I love Toby, my heart just melts for him.
  • Hope you're all having a lovely half-term break or had a nice few days off over Easter :)


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