Nailing It.

 A nail polish obsession has been born. I've always been one to paint my nails but I recently made a nail polish stand (I'll write a post on how I made it and what it looks like soon) and since I've had them all on display and in neat lines I just can't stop buying the stuff.

I have quite a few new shades to show you from various different brands so let's crack on!

First, Superdrug had Barry M polishes on 3 for 2 so I picked up; Guava, Damson, Vintage Violet, Pomegranate, Chilli and Blackberry. I'm absolutely obsessed with these nail paints and I'm determined to have the whole collection one day! 

I entered the dangerous realm of Nail Polish Direct and saw this China Glaze neon collection of mini polishes. I always miss out on the collections so I ordered this straight away. This set includes the colours; Red-y To Rave, Daisy Know My Name?, Violet Vibes, Glow With The Flow, DJ Blew My Mind and Treble Maker.

China Glaze Baby Beats Mini Collection - £12.95

Then I was drawn in by Flip Flop Fantasy and Heat Index both are £3.95 each. I stupidly didn't realise that I already own Heat Index so I'm putting this one away towards a future giveaway.

Last but not least I bought some Maybelline Colour Show polishes. These are a very reasonable £2.99 each and they were also on a 3 for 2 offer. I picked up; Pink Slip, Love Lillac, Noite De Gal, Burgundy kiss, Ocean Blue and Berry Fusion. 

If you haven't seen already, I've written a review on Pink Slip, you can see that here. I'll be working my way through the rest soon so let me know which colours are your favourite!

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x

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  1. Lovely colors!


  2. Amazing variety of colors!

  3. Those Barry M gel polishes are supposed to be amazing, i saw the pale blue/green one (not sure what it's called) and loved the colour.

    Lucy x

    1. They're great especially with a top coat too and they have a really nice range of colours :) I'm going to collect them all one day hahaha! x

  4. Cool post.


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