Photo Diary | 2-11 April 2015

So I did my fair share of beverage drinking over the Easter break and it seems that's all I managed to get pictures of. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this week's photo diary.

When we broke up at work for Easter we had a staff night out in Manchester. We went to Lammar's in the Northern Quarter. I have actually been there before and I really enjoyed it... especially the 2 for 1 cocktails. The bottom, right picture is of my friend and I, I wore a basic black top with a paisley print skirt which you can see in this haul

You all know about my love for coffee drinking so you can imagine my delight at discovering Kenco's new variation. It's a coffee house roast and I can only describe it as flat compared to the normal coffee. It's nice and tastes lovely but it's not as rich as what I'm used to. I like strong coffee and this isn't really strong at all. 

Next up is a picture of my latest celebrity infatuation. I'm such a teenager. But Keegan Allen, I'm waiting for you, pal.

On Easter Sunday my friend and I went to a UV party and by golly did we dress appropriately. Glow sticks, tutus, leg warmers; the works. It was lots of fun. 

On Bank Holiday Monday, my Mum took us to Fleetwood for a few days. Fleetwood is right next to Blackpool so we walked around the shops, up and down the front. We also went into Clevelys and took a ferry to Knott End. In Clevelys I ordered a ham salad sandwich which came on the biggest muffin I've ever seen. Muffin goals! We also drank Pimm's and Rekorderlig. The weather was an absolute gem, the sun shone every single day. 

In Fleetwood there's an outlet shopping centre which, in honesty I don't really rate... I don't recognise many of the shops on there. However, they do have a Hallmark which sells discounted Yankee Candles. I only found one fragrance that did anything for me which was Sweet Strawberry, I'm burning it now and it's lovely! 

Who doesn't love a bacon and cheese bagel? 

I have discovered a new passion in life which is colouring in. So I took myself to Tesco and bought some fancy Crayola felt tips and colouring pencils. 

I payed a visit to the Trafford Centre with my friends for dinner and some retail therapy and I finally went to Giraffe. I ordered a kiev and mash potato with a Mango Mamma smoothie (I think that's it's name) and it was delicious. I'd definitely go there again. 


That pretty much sums up the first week of my school holidays!
Hope you enjoyed reading, 
Leanne x

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  1. Haha, I just had a weekend away with my friend and we did some colouring in at the restaurant, so much fun! Love a UV disco!

    Lucy x

    1. Aww I find it really relaxing haha!! x


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