China Glaze | Red-Y To Rave

I finally cracked open my China Glaze Baby Beats nail polish set this week and the first one I tried was Red-Y To Rave. So today I thought I'd show you some pictures and tell you what I think so far.

The name implies to me that this is a bright shade of red but it's definitely orange more than anything. It actually reminds me of Pool Party, also by China Glaze, which is only marginally darker. I really thought it was going to dry to an interesting shade of red. 

I'd been wearing the polish for about 3 days when I took these pictures because I'm hopeless and kept forgetting so that's why they're a bit chipped. 

I took the above picture quite far away from the natural light and the picture below right infront of a window so you can see the difference that lighting makes. 

It took me three coats to get an even and opaque finish which is pretty standard performance for China Glaze. It also dried to a satin finish, I'd say. 

although I'm not a big fan of the colour orange I am quite fond of this polish because it's such a bright, summery pop of colour. If I saw someone wearing it I wouldn't be able to stop myself from commenting on it. That's what draws me in with nail polishes... I love the interesting ones. 

I currently have Violet Vibes on my nails which I'll review for you soon :) 

Have you tried any colours from the Baby Beats collection?
What is your favourite?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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