Damn Good Apps

I'm not a very loyal app user. If an app is recommended to me, I might download it and have a go but as soon as I get that little message about full storage... cya later son, nice knowing ya.

Examples would include, gaming apps, clothing apps, the majority of picture editing apps, the list goes on. But recently I was decluttering my phone and realised that several apps had actually survived a good few of my storage-freeing rampages. So, today I'm going to show you which apps I like and why.

1. Free Prints 
This app is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who, like me, enjoys having actual, physical photographs rather than just digital ones. 

'Why is that so spacial?' I hear you cry.

Well, it's free. 

You can have up to 40, free, photographs each month and all you have to pay is the postage fee which is around £1.40. 

2. Polaroid Zip App
If you have a Polaroid Zip, you're probably already familiar with this app. However, not only is it quick and efficient and printing photos, I think it makes a really good photo editing app just on it's own. It has tools such as overlays, correctors, boarders and is very easy to use.

3. HD Wallpapers
I've had this app for years. I use it for my lock screen, home screen and headers on Twitter and Facebook. They have a vast amount of wallpapers including: abstract, fantasy, floral, holidays, music, nature, scenery, patterns and sports to name but a few. There's definitely something for everyone here! It offers a wide range of free, high resolution, pictures to decorate your phone with, don't underestimate how happy a good phone background can make you feel. Having a good clear out and re-decorate cheers me up immensely.

4. Amazon Video
Gosh I love this app. If you have Amazon prime and you use the video aspect of it, I would highly recommend this tool. I don't think there's a night that passes me by that I don't switch off, get in bed and watch just one more episode of a, b or c.

5. Deutschbahn Navigator
When I was in Germany, this app was more than helpful. It was recommended to me by a German friend and as long as you know the names of the places you're going to/from in German then you will have no problems finding places. It's got a simple layout with minimal words so although it isn't in English, it's still very easy to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Deutschland.

6. Phonto
This is the app I use for adding text to my blog pictures! It has a font on it called Nemoy Light which I haven't seen elsewhere, and is my absolute favourite,  amongst lots and lots of other fonts. It's easy to use and has a few other features like overlays but, for me, this is just a really good platform for adding text to my pictures.

7. Layout (Instagram)
Like Phonto which has a specific purpose, this app really excels and making collages (in fact I'm not sure that it does anything else). An example being the picture above, it literally takes mere seconds to click on a phew photographs and chose which layout you want. Easy Peasy.

To summarise, I think there's a common theme running throughout these app favourites of mine. They're all 'easy to use'. I don't like having to learn how to use something... it just want to be able to use it straight away with no fuss. This is why I'm yet to buy a fancy camera and always resort to using my phone; I already know how it works.

What are your favourite apps?
Are you like me and enjoy the simplistic apps that life has to offer or are you a more adventurous-being?  Let me know in the comments!

Now I'm off to peruse the Boots Valentines Day perfume offers, for myself.

See you next time,
Leanne x

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