Erin Condren LifePlanner First Impressions!

Does anyone have one of those annoying little chips on the side of your nail which catches on everything and pulls out a strand of hair every time you go to put it behind your ears? I'm sat chewing mine and definitely making it worse while I think of a greeting for the start of this post.

I finally have my planner! And today I thought I'd show you an unboxing / tell you my experience / give you my first impressions.

I placed my order on 30/12/15 with no hassle whatsoever. I used the coupon for first-time-orderers which I think was worth about $10.

The planner I picked was from the $50 range, it's the Honeycomb pattern and the only changes I made were adding my name to the front and changing the colour of the honeycomb pattern to a green called Seaglass.

I payed for the $19.99 delivery which was the cheapest option. (Yet still eyewateringly expensive IMO) They predicted my order would be shipped on 7/1/16 but it wasn't posted until the 8/1/15.

It was shipped with UPS and I could track the package online everywhere it went.

On 11/1/16 UPS attempted to deliver the parcel but no one was in so they tried again on 12/1/15 and luckily someone was in.

So it took 3 days for it to get from the US to my door which is pretty swift considering I paid for the cheaper option which says 8-12 working days.

However. I was landed with an £18 customs bill from UPS when they delivered it. Lovely.

So overall it cost:
$70 which was reduced to $60 when I used the coupon.
This was charged at just over £45 on my card.
With the £18 customs bill included, I paid £63 for the planner.

And it doesn't end there, does it? Since then I've bought a new printer, stickers, a guillotine. It's a damn expensive hobby!

Anyway, on a lighter note. It arrived in a really lovely box, packaged amongst bubble wrap and tissue paper.

There was a postcard and a few stickers on the top which is a nice gesture although not entirely sure when I'll use them.

And this is my planner! 

I won't go into vast detail about what's inside because I'm sure you've seen many a video on this anyway. 

As for my first impressions, I love the cover I picked and I'm betting that if I had the right size hole puncher I could make more, myself. I might try this one day - let me know what you think?

I like the large spiral coil because I intend to attach extra things like tickets, photos, souvenirs so it won't unwrap as it gets thicker. 

I really like the quotes at the start of each month I've avoided looking at them all so it's a nice surprise as the year progresses!

The one thing I wish was different are the colour combinations for each month. Some of the colours I wouldn't put together and some of them don't fit the season well. But that's just my own opinion. 

I'm really happy with everything else and I'm excited to start thinking about themes for each week!

So far, I was able to plan a few weeks because I was keeping notes on what I did each day in a notebook so I've had a little practice. I'm definitely going to write a post showing you what I've done so far as well. 

I'm currently buying my stickers from Etsy and printing them off myself because it's far cheaper than having them posted to you. Also, you can print them as often as you want. If anyone has any stores they'd recommend for printables let me know in the comments because I'd love to try more!

Thank you for reading,
Leanne x

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