Most used iPhone apps!

Hi everyone!

Today's post is going to be on my most used and loved iPhone apps.

The apps I use are pretty much standard, I don't really go crazy with them but I find these ones useful and entertaining for everyday life :)

So, my favourite thing to do is chill on Instagram. Hardly a day goes by when I don't upload at least one photo to Instagram! I love looking back through all my photos it's such a happy app :D if you're interested in following me my username is 'leanneismyname' and ill follow you back :) I'd like to make a photo album of all my Instagram photos sometime this year.

I also love to edit photos, make them look swish and fancy :) my favourite app for this is called Picfx. You have to pay for the app but it's not very expensive and it really is worth it. It has lots of different effects and what-not to make you pictures look yummy!

Another app I've been paying vast amounts of attention to recently is the O2 priority moments app. If you're not on O2 or in the UK this probably won't interest you at all but if you are on the O2 network you should definitely have a look if you haven't already! They have various vouchers for shops and restaurants. Frequently they have discounts on Odeon cinema tickets which is pretty cool :D not too long ago I got a £15 Debenhams voucher!

Apps which I like to use to ease my boredom haha, mostly when I'm travelling to and from uni, include YouTube, BBC iPlayer (no adverts! yay), Pinterest and recently a game called 4 pics one word has been raved about but I've completed that one now. I used to love a game called Fairway Solitaire that was soooo addictive! I also like the Blogger app to access my blog which is good for quickly uploading photos from your phone to your posts but you can't organise them, they all just chill at the bottom after all the writing.

Lastly, the Ebay app is pretty swift. If you want to list any items on Ebay it's soooo much easier to do it via the app than on a computer. It's so easily laid out and straight forward. So much better.

Anyway, hope this has been enjoyable to read and not too boring, I try to incorporate plenty of pictures to make my posts interesting... hope it works! If you're still here thanks for reading and feel free to leave your comments and recommendations for new apps!

Leanne x


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