Perfume Collection!

Hello everyone!

I've seen lots of people's perfume collections on blogs and YouTube but never contemplated writing about my own as I didn't realise I had enough to constitute a 'collection'. Around Christmas and my birthday though I acquired some new perfume and I think that I now have enough to write a collection post! 

I don't think I have a 'favourite' scent, I just know that I don't like musk so, as far as I'm aware, I don't think any of these perfumes have a strong musky scent. 

These are my three newest additions to my collection. I bought Chanel Chance as a birthday present to myself (naughty) and I received Honey and Roberto Cavalli from my Mum and Tom for Christmas! These are also my three favourites. 

They all have different uses, occasion wise, Chance is such a sophisticated scent, this would be my choice for a meal out with the family. Honey is a lovely sweet scent, definitely my choice if I was going out during the day, maybe to the pictures or a wander about the shops. Roberto Cavalli is something I'd wear on a night out. It's such a strong scent, you only need a few sprays and it will stay with you all night. 

I've almost finished one bottle and I have another waiting to be used up too! This perfume brings back memories of going on nights out when I was 18/19. We all used to pre-drink at my house and before we went out we'd all coat ourselves with this perfume. 

For me, this will always remind of of them nights out so I always feel unusual wearing this for anything other than a night out. Like the Roberto Cavali, this is a very strong scent and it lasts ages. 

I bought Amor Amor after smelling a little sample version I had and it reminded me so much of when my Mum used to wear it years ago that I just went online and bought it immediately. Just out of nostalgia. It's a beautiful scent. If you want to seduce someone, or maybe you're going on a date, I'd recommend you buy this is a very romantic aroma, in my opinion.

Lou Lou is quite an old perfume but it's so fresh and lovely. I wear this just day to day really. Its a very uplifting scent. 

Black XS is another perfume that reminds me of my 18yr old self. I still adore this perfume and I'm in need of another bottle as I only have about one use left :( I think this is a love or hate scent, it's very heavy and strong. I don't want to call it 'dull' but it kind of is... 
This is the nearest to musk I'm able to go with my perfumes. 

Tom bought me these perfumes on Valentines Day last year and I really like them. They're very clean scents, kind of powdery and they smell very fresh. I think the perfume in the dark bottle is much more stronger and distinctive than the silver one, if I was wearing one on a night out it would be that one. However, they both make great day time / work perfumes!

Those are all of the perfumes I currently have!

I do have a huge mental list of perfumes I have my eye on though, some of which include:

Dior Poison
Paco Rabanne Black XS (a new bottle)
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue 
Chanel No.5
Thierry Mugler Angel 

What's your favourite perfume?

See you next time, 
Leanne x

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  1. Oooh I really want to try the Marc Jacobs perfume! I've got a growing perfume wishlist too!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Marc Jacobs perfumes are so beautiful! My Mum has Dot and that's lovely too :) xx

  2. Chance is one of my favourites as well!
    Lovely blog dear, Would u like to follow each other? :)

    1. Thank you! It's a lovely perfume isn't it?
      Just followed your blog :) xx


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