A Boots beauty haul!

Hello everyone!

I've been naughty again. I ventured in to Boots and well, this happened. 

I bought some things. This happened before Christmas too so I was being extra naughty. I picked up things I'd had my eye on for a while though it wasn't totally spontaneous!  

I never buy anything from Revlon, it's not really a brand I'm familiar with and it's definitely one of the pricier drugstore brands. However, I needed a new primer and Smashbox's photofinish primer was the one I was going to buy but I just couldn't part with the money (it's currently on offer for £12.50 though so I might buy it anyway) but I read that the Revlon Photoready was a great primer and decided to go with that.

It was pretty pricy to be honest but Revlon had a 2 for 3 offer on along with a free nail polish when you bought 3 items so I think I got a pretty good deal. If I decide to repurchase it I'll probably see if I can buy it cheaper online.

I've been using it everyday since I bought it over a week ago and I'm really happy with it. I'll write a review soon but so far so good!

Price: £11.99

Next from Revlon, I bought a new lip butter. I already have an orange one but I rarely ever wear it and it doesn't even show up orange, it's basically clear! I think we can file that one away in the 'YouTube made me buy it' draw. 

This 'Raspberry Pie' colour is actually really really nice. It shows up with full colour, it feels comfortable and moisturising on my skin and it also lasts a decent amount of time. I've been wearing it pretty much every day over Christmas and will continue to wear it throughout the winter months! I would definitely agree with those who say that the darker shades are better quality than the paler shades. This one has really made me want to buy more! Am I soon to be one of them people with the full collection of lip butters...? 

Price: £7.99
(Couldn't find a link to this shade as the Boots website was down whilst writing this post!)

Whilst at the Revlon section in Boots, this was the first things that caught my eye. I new it had to be mine!

I'm not even an avid wearer of lipgloss but this is just so beautiful. It's a Colourburst lipgloss, not something I'm familiar with in all honesty and it's in the shade 'Adorned'. I absolutely love the colour of this, it's a blue toned hot pink with iridescent sparkles throughout it which I've tried to show you in the picture below. Also, I may be mistaken but I'm sure that I've seen something very similar to this buy Illamasqua and this Revlon version is a fraction of the price. 

I would definitely agree with the 'colourburst' claim, it shows up as it appears in the tube which I love. Hate nothing more than applying a pretty colour on only to discover it shows up translucent! 

It's quite thick and a little sticky (lol) but I can put up with it as it's so beautiful. On a windy day though I'd advide you up tie your hair up because hair sticking to lipgloss can be tres annoying.

Also, I discovered today that this lipgloss on top of the 'raspberry pie' lip butter is a really lovely combination!

Price: £7.99

Top: Colourburst. Bottom: Lip Butter 'Raspberry Pie'.

Another item I picked up is this Maybelline Color Show Brocades nail polish in 'Knitted Gold'. There was only one left on the shelf and I wanted it so much. I was beyond pleased when I found it! It's just a really pretty wintery colour. It's gold with pieces of pink glitter running through it. It can be used on it's own or as a top coat. I found that it only took two coats for it to cover my nails completely. I'll be writing a review on this very soon (may possibly be the next post you read from me) as I've been wearing it over Christmas. 

Price: £3.99

Lastly, this is the free nail polish I received from Revlon for buying 3 items. I can't find a shade name on it so I don't think it's from their regular line. I haven't actually used it yet but I think it's make a really nice sparkly top coat! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
I have so many posts to write! Absolute list forming haha. I'm resisting from using some of my Christmas presents until I've taken some good pictures. Life of a blogger!

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I hope you did!

See you next time, 
Leanne x

P.S. If anyone's interested in buying the Smashbox Wondervision palette, get yourself to Boots asap as it's down from £50 to £32! You'll be seeing it on my blog soon... I couldn't resist!

P.P.S. I'm off to watch the second Hunger Games soon with my sister and Tom after watching the first one on Christmas Day! I'm looking forward to it, I really enjoyed the first one!


  1. I use Revlon Photoready and love it so so much, it's so good because I have terrible spots yet they are never seen on camera!

    1. Aw good! I haven't actually tried taking pictures with it on yet, it should work well though! :)


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