***Christmas Decorations 2013!***

Hello Everyone!

I was going to take pictures of our Christmas decorations to show you here on the blog but then I thought well why not make a little video?! 

It made my life a lot easier and I had a good time making it. We aren't the type to go all out decoration wise, some people decorate outside and everything but we don't really anymore. Probably because the novelty kind of wears off when you don't have young children in the house. We do however have a tree which is white with pink and purple decorations, some porch decor and I made up Hector's tank. I'd like to say he's impressed but he really isn't!

Do you go decoration crazy or are you a little more subdued? 

Hope you're all having a wonderful December!
Leanne x
P.S. Do we or do we not have the most girly tree ever? ahahaha
P.P.S This has been published once already but there were issues with the video so I had to upload it to YouTube and do it that way :(


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