A Wintery OOTD!

Hello Everyone!

How are you liking these chilly days? I do like winter, I can't say my favourite season really because I like them all for different things. I can tell you now, I'm not a fan of the cold though. I find it so dull covering up with a big coat for months on end but I just can't cope with the cold :( 

However, I've discovered a good combination this year: big wooly jumpers paired with a skirt and thick tights and boots! It's nothing revolutionary I know but I find myself getting stuck in the old skinny jeans and jumper rut.  

So the outfit I have on today consists of:

Jumper: Miss Selfridge
May not be available any longer but I'm sure you can find something similar.

Skirt: Primark 
I bought this recently so it will more than likely still be in stock. 

Tights: Primark 
These are 120 denier and will still be available

These were a Christmas present last year and I don't know where they're from unfortunately. 

Makeup wise, I'm just wearing my normal things, Maxfactor pretty much everywhere. And I have Sleek's 'Heartbreaker' lipstick on too!

Of course after putting together a decent outfit I then had to cover it up with a huge coat and scarf to prevent icicles from forming on me but you know... What can you do? 

What is your favourite winter outfit?

Hope this was... enjoyable to read? haha
See you next time, 
Leanne x


  1. lovely outfit!
    x, Theri
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