Hector The Bearded Dragon!

Good afternoon everyone!

I have written posts on makeup, shopping and trips away, however, I've never written a post on my little Hector.

'Where the hunnies attt??'

Hector is my Bearded Dragon. I've had him since April 2012 and he's about 18 months old. I don't know where the name Hector came from, I wanted to give him a reptile name rather than a name you might give a cat or a dog. Hector fit that criteria.

As reptiles aren't really 'typical' pets, I'll explain why I wanted him. Basically, my sister pestered my dad for a gecko for many moons and eventually she was allowed one (she has two now, Jax and Ivy). When shopping for said gecko, we saw some baby bearded dragons and instantly I wanted one.

A few months passed and bearded dragons were still on my mind, I really really wanted one. I thought they were so cute and unusual! Anyway, one morning my sister and I planned to go shopping but before we had to go and buy food for her gecko. And that's when I bought Hector. He was just chilling in the shop like TAKE MEH HOME! So I did :)

Hector cost £55 as he wasn't a complete baby, he was a little bit older. At the time I didn't want a bambino lizard but now I have a craving to buy a baby one. They. Are. Adorable. Plus, Hector needs a woman in his life. Hector's tank and set up cost £140. He has a large tank with rocks and logs to climb on a heat mat, a heat lamp and a UV bulb amongst other things. I just love him.

If you'd like to check out my Instagram you'll find many a picture of him. The first picture I ever put on there was of Hector the day I got him. He's my little bambino :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful day, leave your questions/comments below; I'd love to hear from you :)

Leanne x


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