A chat and shopping!

Helloooo everyone! 
How are you? You got that Friday feeling? 

I went shopping yesterday avec the Mother and accidentally bought a few things (naughty) which I thought I'd share with you all :)

I'm having a major chill out afternoon, I had to leave for uni at half 8 this morning for my 10am lesson so I've come home to have a well deserved (how dramatic of me) chill out with my laptop, blogger, keynote, foot massager and a cuppa coffee! Just painted my nails too. I do know how to treat myself haha

I have a presentation on metaphors due on Monday (18th) which I also have to finish. Have you ever heard such a thing? A 10 minute presentation on metaphors! I didn't think it was possible but my last few lessons have proved me wrong. I study English and Linguistics incase you're wondering.

Anyway, onwards...

As you may or may not know, Tom and I are going to see Biffy Clyro in just over a week. I'm sooooo excited, the tickets were booked about 6 months ago but it's come round unbelievably fast. Another thing adding to my epic excitement is that I finish my second year of uni next Friday! Woo! *does dance*. Granted, I still have my exams in May but lesson wise, I've finished and I genuinely could not be happier. It's whizzed by this academic year, for me, but I am definitely ready to see the back of the place for a few months (and by 'a few' I mean 6 and a half months haha) . Students do lead a cushy life style. 

Back to Biffy and the shopping haha, we went in Oasis, which to be honest is something I rarely do, and I picked up these shoes. They're navy blue suede material with grey studs all around the side. I've been looking for some studded shoes for ages so I'm glad I found these. I'm thinking I might wear them with the outfit I've picked out for Biffy instead of my creepers. What do you think?

The light on the picture makes them look fluffy :/ They're not, promise!

The shoes were £20, down from £35, which is not bad at all. They have a really decent sole on the bottom unlike the dolly shoes you might find in Primark for a few quid which I suppose is reflected in the price. Don't get me wrong, I love Primark I just think sometimes you need a decent pair of shoes that will last a while and don't make you feel like you're just walking on the concrete haha. Also, I didn't know this but Oasis actually offer a 15% student discount. One of the really lovely workers there told us which was kind as they don't advertise it. However, I'm not sure whether the discount is permanent or just temporary. 

I've had my eyes pealed for a purple coloured lipstick for a while now. I've seen the lilac coloured MAC lipstick in the Nicki Minaj range but I wanted something darker than that. I think there's one called Rebel by MAC which looks really nice so if this doesn't work out for me I'll be investing in that. So I have taken quite a liking to Top Shop makeup recently and I'd seen the purple lip crayon and thought this was the kinda thing I was looking for. Once I got there the lipstick 'All about me' caught my eye and asked me to take it home. So I did :)

Lip Crayon in 'Arcade' ,  Lipstick in 'All about me'.

Now, credit where credit's due, I wore the lipstick today for uni so I applied it around 8am and it is still going strong at 20 to 5. I don't think I've ever experienced such a long lasting lipstick (what does this say about my lipstick range? haha) I don't know if this is just a one off and it's all down hill from here but I have genuinely had it on all day, eaten things, drank things and it's only just starting to wear away now. 10 outta 10 Top Shop! 

Lastly, I have been collecting Boots points on my card for a very long time to buy the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. The reason I didn't just out-right buy it is because I'm very picky and to be completely honest lazy when it comes to cleansers and moisturisers etc so I didn't want to be let down if I spent £15 on it and never used it. I haven't had the chance to try it yet but hopefully I will do tonight or in the very near future. I'm expecting marvellous things like miracles from this. I'll let you all know how it goes!

I got the started kit which comes with a 100ml bottle, 2 muslin cloths and a step-by-step guide.

And that's it for my little show and tell / ramble on session. I'm off to dry my feet as the water's gone cold in the massager thingy, try to finish my presentation! 

If you have any thoughts or questions leave them below and I'll answer them, I'd love to hear from you!

Leanne x 


I cannot find the links for Arcade lip crayon or the Liz Earle on the Boots website. I'm sorry :(

P.s. I have NO idea why the writing here is ridiculously small. It's peeing me off!


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