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Hey everyone!

This is my second post today. Let's see if it ends up getting published today.

I went to le shops with Tom last Sunday and I went into Superdrug for a bottle of Batiste as, in my books, it is the Holy Grail of dry shampoos and a single bottle only lasts me about a week :(

I came out of the shop with not just a bottle of dry shampoo but a variety of makeup products I really don't need. But it seemed like I definitely did need them when I was picking them up in the shop.

The particular Superdrug I was in I've never been to before but I'm not lying, it has the best range of makeup I've ever seen in a drugstore kinda shop. I think this is why I got a bit excited. In fairness, I actually didn't buy that much, I'm just trying not to buy makeup at the moment and failing miserably.

By 'best range of makeup' I mean it stocks brands such as MUA, Beauty UK, Fashionista, brands which I usually only find online. I know a lot of Superdrugs stock MUA and Beauty UK but they usually don't stock the entire range. Ramble, ramble....

On with the show.

So most of what I bought is from Fashionista, I have plenty of MUA in my life at the moment but no fashonista so hello, welcome.

I'm not sure if they were having a bit of a sale, I can't remember,  but their products were decently priced.

First, I picked up a single 'Baked Eyeshadow' it says 'Double Take' on the back but it also says 'Golden Dragon shade 2' so one of them it its name. It's a green/blue colour merged with gold. The colour pay off is actually really good and it is definitely buildable if you want it to look more intense. The shadow is a shimmer with a few flecks of glitter. It is definitely not matt. The reason I picked this up is because I'm currently doing an online makeup course and it says that blue eyes should be paired with 'rainbow colours'. I wish they'd elaborated on this point. But green is a rainbow colour isn't it? So I have justified my purchase haha :)

The single eyeshadows were £4 and they are de-potable you can just take the pan out of the box. They sell empty pallets if you have a few shades and want to put them in a palette. I feel like I have to collect enough to buy a palette now, I've never custom made a palette before.

Also from Fashionista, I bought a gel eyeliner in a shade which, unfortunately, I can't tell you as I've just realised I took the sticker off the back to open it. I'll describe it. It is a navy blue colour with vast amounts of green and blue glitter particles packed in there. It reminds me of a mermaid. I bought it because I always wear a black liquid liner so I need something dark on my eyes and this was just too pretty to pass on. I think it was £6. It is very very pretty though.

Lastly, from Fashionista, I picked up the 'Skin Brightening' face highlighter in the shade Sun Shine. It comes in a white tube and you get 35ml of product which is really good as it only cost me £3, however, it was on offer I think it's more like £6 normally. It's a creamy consistency which is what drew me to it originally. I have a lose powder highlighter from MAC which isn't something you can quickly apply without getting powder everywhere.

It claims that it 'smooths and brightens complexion' and it says on the back 'perfect skin enhancer, containing light-diffusing particles that deliver instant luminosity to your complexion.' I think it's just supposed to give you a healthy, summery glow. I like it. :)

Very, very lastly from Superdrug, I finally got my hands on the Collection 'Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer'. Woah what a mouthful. I got it in shade Fair which is the lightest, I am tres pale. And all I can say is that it really is worth the hype. I've been battling with an old Rimmel concealer for years which is probably why I don't have any luck with it anymore. It is a different consistency than I'm used to as my Rimmel one looks like a lipstick concealer whereas the Collection one is a liquid.

It blends very well and dries almost instantly covering any redness or under eye darkness. I think it comes in around the £3.99 mark which is very good value. I've only used it two or three times but I know it'll become a staple in my routine. It could even pass as a constitute foundation if you didn't want to cake your face.

Left-Right, Gel Eyeliner, eyeshadow, highlighter. Top picture without flash, bottom picture with flash.

Continuing. I know this is a long post but I just want to get this last thing in quickly. A few days ago I was having a sniff of some perfumes in my room which had about one last spray left in them. My room smelt lovely afterwards haha. I found a little sample bottle of the Cacharel perfume 'Amor Amor' and the scent of it just brought back memories of the first time I went to Walt Disney World years and years ago. It was such a surreal moment I could just remember walking around DownTown Disney at night. It sounds so cliche but I just HAD to buy a new bottle of it to savour the memories. Has anyone else experienced this? It's so weird how a scent brings back memories. I find it happens with certain air fresheners too. It's unreal, makes you feel such nostalgia.

Anyway, I went on a few websites and the cheapest I could find was an EBay seller (I'll list it below if I can find it) who was selling 30ml bottles for £16.50 and free delivery. I think that price isn't too bad and I just really really wanted it.

If you're interested, The description on The Fragrance Shop is: 'Amor Amor has top notes of citrus, notes of grapefruit, mandarin, and blood orange followed by middle notes of lily of the valley and melati flower. Base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, grey amber, and white musk.' You cannot smell the musk at all. I hate the smell of musk, it gets caught in my throat and I just find it highly unappealing so don't worry about the musk smell if you're not a fan either.

And that is it. That is all. What a long long post for such a few products. Hope you weren't bored to tears. If you're still reading, thank you very much. Please leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. I would love to hear from you!

Leanne x


Amor Amor from Ebay
This is where I purchased my bottle of the perfume. There are obviously other websites, however, I received mine today and I can vouch that the product is legit. It comes packaged well and delivery was quick. I actually found it a tiny bit cheaper after I'd already placed my order on Amazon but I can't say what the product comes like as I didn't buy it there. The link to that one is here.

(If you have any problems with the links let me know and I'll send you them again).


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