Ammo 2 by Urban Decay!

Hi everyone!

Had a little surprise off the postman this morning. I ordered Urban Decay's new and revamped Ammo palette but forgot all about it so I was quite excited when it arrived this morning :)

I have both the Naked palettes which are obviously all neutral colours like bronze and brown etc and I also have other neutral palettes such as the Stila neutral palette and some from MUA and Sleek so I decided to go for something with some nice colours and variety in it for Spring and Summer as Spring is now upon us even though you wouldn't know it with the snow today!

I ordered it off the Debenhams website because they had 10% off all their ranges and free delivery so the palette actually cost £20.70 as apposed to the £23 RRP price. It came packaged really well and there was no damage to the product in any way. Woo! It also comes with a free travel-size eyeshadow primer and brush. 

So the picture above shows the colours with a flash (top) and without a flash (bottom). I couldn't make up my mind which reflected the colours in their truest form so just added them both.

The colours I'm most excited about are Last Call, Grifter and Polyester Bride, I think they'll look prettyyy together. 

There are a few colours I already have from the Naked palettes such as Smog and Sin but hey ho, it was only £20 :)

I also really love the packaging. That contributed to me actually buying it haha I'm such a sucker for things like that.

Now I just can't wait for Mr.Sunshine to make an appearance so I can wear some pretty colours onnn ma face. 

What do you think of Ammo 2? Will you be buying it? 

Leanne x


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