Biffy Clyro in Manchester!

Helloooo everyone! How are you?

I have plenty to talk about and show you after having a few days with no posts so I have a few coming your way :)

Tom and I went to Biffy this Monday in Manchester and it was absolutely brilliant! He is amazing live and I want it to be Monday again and again and again!

One of the few pictures I took.

They performed a mixture of their music, they started with 'Different People' from their 'Opposites' album followed by 'Golden Rule' from 'Only Revolutions' this was one of my favourites, I love the instrumental at the end.

They sang quite a lot from their older albums 'Puzzle', 'Blackened Sky' and 'Infinity Land' However, I can't remember if they performed any from 'The Vertigo of Bliss' Has anyone seen the album artwork for this? Controversial springs to mind hahaha, brill.

They also sang a mixture of rock and some of their slower songs such as 'Machines', 'God and Satan' and 'Many of Horror'. Songs that really stood out for me were 'Who's Got a Match' from their 'Puzzle' album, 'Golden Rule' as I've already mentioned and 'Mountains' which they came back on and sang at the very end. There are definitely more songs that I loved but I may as well just list the whole concerts worth. They were all top notch.

As I mentioned in a post a while back I wore the skirt and jumper that I planned to wear, I wore my studded dolly shoes and my black leather jacket. I did feel a bit over dressed though the majority of people there were just in jeans and Vans but hey ho! :) Fashion over warmth?

My outfit and mysteriously wonky eye :/
Tom und Ich.

Overall, Tom and I had a really good night and the music definitely made up for the fact that you have to part with a fiver for a shitty pint of lager. Afterwards we went to a bar called Revolution on Oxford Road. Has anyone been there? What do you think? It's not really my cuppa tea to be honest but the drinks were half price. Tom and his friends were drinking Chilli flavoured shots, not for the faint hearted I must say. They smelt horrendous.

Add about another 3 rows. That's how much they drank.

The MEN were advertising the Kings of Leon tour, they're coming to Manchester in June and Oh My Gosh I need to be there. Makes me sad that the tickets are £75 and probably sold out by now.

Has anyone been to or have any upcoming concerts? Let me know I'd love to read your posts! :D

This was definitely going to be a post on more topics but I'll just leave this one for now, it's long enough! haha

Leanne x

The Chilli shots. Sorry it's a tad blurry!

P.s. Hi Tom ;D


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