My Favourite Youtubers!

Hellooo everyone :)

This is my third post today so I'm not quite sure whether I'll post it today or save it for tomorrow. hmm.

Anyway, In this post I'm going to talk about my favourite YouTubers. People whose every video I will watch, people who I find interesting, funny and entertaining; things like that. There is quite an array of people and channels, not just one category. Sorry for the jumbled mess :D

Sooo, In no particular order: (haha I sound like Dermot on the X Factor)


I recently found a YouTuber called 'grav3yardgirl', she's from Texas and she makes videos about beauty, paranormal shiz and just general life. She is ridiculously funny and doesn't take herself too seriously. I'd definitely recommend her channel if you haven't seen her already.


Another channel I enjoy is 'Sprinkleofglitter'. She's very popular on YouTube so you've probably already seen her but I thought I'd mention her channel because I always watch her videos :) She also makes beauty and vlog videos. She's such a happy person, she's just one of them people who gives off a cheerful vibe and her videos are uplifting and pleasant to watch.


Another channel I enjoy is 'missbudgetbeauty'. I actually started watching her vlog channel first as she did Vloguary and things like that. I think the reason I enjoy her videos so much is because she's from the UK and lives in The North so, I don't know, I just feel like that's one of the reasons I like to watch her videos. Weird :/


Ok so I've watched this YouTuber, Jenny, for such a long time, way, way over a year. I found her channel as I was watching Jenna Marble's 'How to trick people into thinking you're good looking' video and she had created a video response which just lead me to watch her videos. When I watch her videos or go on her channel it always reminds me of when I re-decorated my room during Easter time in 2010 haha. She isn't the most popular YouTuber in that she doesn't get amazing amounts of views like other channels, however, she's definitely getting there and I'm sure she'll get more and more popular very soon. I also enjoy her vlog channel, I think it's called 'shoopslife'.

FUNF (Can't work out how to get the little dots on top of the U!)

This channel is called 'meisterlehnsherr' and it is a German channel. As I study German as part of my degree, I find this channel soo useful as he uploads videos such as 'German word of the day'. He also creates vlogs at festivals and just hanging about with his friends. His English is really really good so you don't need to worry that you won't understand the videos. I struggle to find German vloggers, one other I've found is called 'sandynmakessense' who is a German student studying in England but she rarely uploads videos :( Anyway, this channel is very useful if you are learning German!

And thats it, they are my most watched YouTube channels at the moment. Hopefully I've inspired you to watch some new people you may never have discovered and sorry this has been slightly long-winded. I've had such a shenanigan trying to write it, as written above, I didn't finish it that day, it's now like three days later. I wrote and finished this post and accidentally deleted it so I've had to write it all again. It's fun the first time, the second time's just repetitive!

So I'm going to go now and just bask in the glory of my new shoes (see previous post :D) so that I can't accidentally delete it again!

If you have any thoughts or recommendations of channels I may enjoy, feel free to comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

Leanne x

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