Get To Know Me Tag!

Hello everyone, how are you?

I've been meaning to do a 'Tag' post for a while but haven't found one I want to do. I've seen a 'Spring Tag' knocking about but I think I wouldn't have very interesting answers to the questions.

I know tags are usually on YouTube videos but I don't make videos however I still think some tags are fun so I'm going to do the ones I like in written, blog, form!

I won't explain that every time I write a tag post, I just thought I'd explain this first time!

So on with the tag...

Get To Know Me Tag!

Vital Stats: 

Name  - Leanne. M. R.
Nicknames - I've never had one. Is this boring? 
Birthday - 7th Jan '93
Place of Birth - Manchester, UK
Star Sign - Capricorn
Occupation - Student! (A lazy one)


Hair colour - Blonde, currently.
Hair length - Medium/long. At the moment it's half way down my back, I'd like to be able to sit on it eventually and use it as a scarf, that kinda thing.
Eye colour - Blue
Best feature - I'll leave this for others to decide haha.
Braces -Nope, but I always wanted them. I think they're so cute.
Piercings - I have my tongue pierced (keeping' it classy), I have a scaffolding / industrial piercing and my anti-tragus pierced. Hoping to get my nape pierced (back of the neck) and my wrist pierced over the summer.
Tattoos - Nope. Definitely not against it. Really, really want one perhaps on my thigh, arm or back of my neck. I'm too indecisive at the moment to be permanently tattooing myself though. 
Righty or Lefty - Right. I went through a weird stage in life once upon a time trying to teach myself how to write with my left hand so I could be one of them cool people who uses both.


Best friend - My first, and remains to this day, best friend is a girl called Gina. We've known each other since reception in primary school. She's a cool bean. :)
Award - My first award. I'm not an award winner to be honest. Probably something in school for attendance or something. I'm not a huge participator in group activities. 
Sport -First sport? I don't understand the question. I vividly remember reluctantly having to run the 300m race in Yr7 on sports day. It was shit. I came 3rd of 6. -_-
Real Holiday - I first went abroad at 18months old. I can't remember much of it. I do remember being in a park with my cousin at one point and I remember telling my mum she was clever pushing the trolly with one hand. Can babies even talk when they're 18 months? I swear I remember saying it. My favourite holidays were the ones where we went to Florida. Gotta go there again.
Concert - My VERY first concert was going to watch the Pop Idols at Wembley Arena in like 2004 I think. Do you remember Pop Idol? The one when Will Young won? That's what we went to see. 


Film - I always struggle with this question! I watch so many films. I love anything with Johnny Depp in it for a kick off. But I love horror. Horror is my genre. I love being scared. I love horror films, programmes, books, documentaries; everything. As far as my favourite film, I love Chucky, you know the killer doll? I first watched one of the films when I was about 13 and I just love them. I even have the dolls. 
TV Show - A series has just finished called 'Lightfields' Did anyone see it? It was so good. I don't really have something I avidly watch every week. I loved 'Lost' though, I watched every series on Netflix in about 2 weeks :D. I like to watch history documentaries I know that's weird and I like 'Grand Designs'.  I watch the F1 but it's on Sky now not the BBC so I can't watch it, only the highlights. I also like to watch Snooker!
Colour - Greeeeeeeeeeeen. And black. How morbid.
Song - One of my favourite songs is 'The Face' by Kings of Leon. But I have many favourite songs, that just springs to mind first! It really depends what mood I'm in.
Restaurant - I don't really have one. I like Chinese take-outs! Is Costa coffee a restaurant?
Store - Tricky. I prefer shopping online for clothes. I like Boots and Superdrug. :)
Book - My English degree has seriously hurt my view of books. 'The Catcher in the Rye' was my favourite book for a long time but I got to Uni and discovered that it was everyone's favourite book. I like 'The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde' and I like 'The Interview with the Vampire' by Anne Rice.
Magazine - no.
Shoes - I like to wear boots.


Feeling - Tired. Square Eyes. Headache. Need coffee. That kinda shiz.
Eating - Nothing. Going to brew up after writing this though. Coffee get. in. ma. belleh. 
Listening to - My laptop make strange noises and my typing.
Thinking about - The answers to these questions. My need for coffee.
Watching - My screen. 
Wearing - PYJAMAS!


Want Children - Only if they're identical twins.
Want to be married - Wouldn't say no.
Careers in mind - TEFL. 
Where do you want to live - Australiaaaaaaaa. Somewhere with sun and where Bearded Dragons roam free.

Do you believe in:

God - No. I have 'beliefs'  but they ain't in God or any other established religion. They're more philosophical. I was christened though.
Miracles - Well I haven't experienced one yet.
Love at first sight - I believe in Lust at first sight.
Ghosts - Sometimes. I haven't made my mind up.
Aliens - Yes. It's a selfish thing to think humans are the ONLY living thing in the WHOLE UNIVERSE.
Soul Mates - I think some people belong together, yes. 
Heaven - I'd like to think there's something. 
Hell - Once again, I'd like to think there's something.
Kissing on the first date - Hell yeah.
Yourself - Ooo deep. Yes, yes I do.

Leanne x

Feel free to do the tag yourself and comment with your blog so I can read it :)

P.s. I tag TOM to write this post. Now you have something to write about.


  1. i love it your post specially the part about your hair i always want to get from their use for scarf

    1. Hahaha hair scarves are the future!:)


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