A Surprise Present from Tom!

Hello, again, everyone!

For the third time today! Making up for the lack of posts recently. I told you I had lots to talk about.

As I'm sure you know already, I'll stop banging on about it after this post I promise! Monday was Biffy day and I wanted to share with you the surprise present my boyfriend, Tom, gave me that day which I wore for the gig.

He bought me this absolutely gorgeous Pandora bracelet. It's white and has a leather strap and he bought a silver charm with hearts all around it to go on it. I can put more charms on it but I think it suits just one. He got it in the small size which is good because I have really small wrists and with most bracelets they slide around and I'm scared of them slipping off. This is not the case with Pandora bracelet, it fits perfectly and I love it, it's beautiful!

Sorry it's a bit fuzzy my iPhone camera is just not up to it! 

That's all I want to say about it really. I'm not reviewing it or anything I'm just showing it off because I love it so much :D

I know Tom will read this because I asked him whether I should write about it so Thank You so many TomTom <3 Love you!

The bag it came in!
The Box it came in!

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x


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