I feel like I've been shopping...

...but I haven't.

Hi Everyone!
How are you? :)

Tomorrow, The Mother, The Boyfriend and I are doing a car-boot sale. Clearing out some things we're never going to use again in the hope that someone else might.

The problem is, the only thing I've done all day is find cool things I don't want to sell haha.

Does anyone else do this? have a little Spring clean and find things you'd forgotten about, thought you'd lost or just grown legs and walked outta your bedroom.

Personally, I've discovered that I own far too many bags. It is not plausible for one single person to need so many bags. But I can't part with them :( What if I need them?! 

Fairly, I have actually parted with 3 of my bags. 

Anyway, amongst some of the crap for want of a better word, I have found some cool things including some mini lip glosses and nail varnishes which makes me tres happy because it's like going shopping but not spending any mulas! :)

Lip glosses, perfume, impulse, lip balms :)

Nail varnishess :)

Hahaha, thought I'd include this little gem. I found this picture in our loft just chilling on the floor! I'm on the left, laughing with a dummy on my shoulder :/ hmm. And my sister, Sophie, is on the right looking miserable as sin! 

Things I've decided to sell include some books, coats and cardigans, my prom dress, some heels which I really can't walk in and some electrical items. There's also a tennis racket in there somewhere :/

Anyway, thanks for reading (if you're still here haha) and I promise I'll have more interesting posts coming soon. Including some new makeups :D and maybe a makeup collection.. haven't decided about that one yet, let me know what you think!

Leanne x

P.s. Found some shoes:


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