Himalayan salt caves!

Hellooo everyone :)

This is what it looks like inside a Himalayan salt cave, just incase you were wondering :D

My Mum asked me to go to 'relaxation therapy' with her which basically entails just sitting in this cave for 45mins. It is very relaxing actually, kinda want my bedroom to have colourful lights and icicles hanging from the ceiling haha. The advertisement claims that regular visits to the salt cave can improve your quality of sleep, aid asthma and things like that. I can't say it changed me in any way but it definitely made me veryyy sleepy and my mum actually said she started sleeping better afterwards :) (placebo effect??) It was definitely a different experience though and if you're looking for somewhere to chill out this ticks that box.

We had to wear these shoe protectors haha how cool are we?

If you're interested in visiting a salt cave, check out this link

See you next time!
Leanne x


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