Make use of your left over jars!

Hi everyone!

You know all them candle jars, perfume packages and make up boxes you have left over? Don't just throw them away! With a little imagination you can create storage jars and new little candle holders with such gems :)

I know that the majority of people already know about this so I thought I'd create a post giving some ideas and inspiration for using and decorating your left over containers.

So, let's get crackalacking!

I have acquired quite a few empty glass candle jars and perfume boxes etc over the last few months and have put them to great use:

Last year MaxFactor were giving away a box full of makeup samples if you spent over a certain amount on their cosmetics. After taking the samples out I used the tin to hold sketching pencils on my desk:

MaxFactor container tin.

Additionally, I have a few bottles of the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume for women. The bottle comes in a tin and considering the bottle is so pretty I thought why not have the bottles on display and use the tins for holding shiz?

So I did:

I used one for holding makeup pencils such as eyeliners, lipliners, pencil eyeshadows. The tin was a little bit too tall so I placed some pebbles from Ikea, which were about 75p for a bag, at the bottom of the tin so I could see the pencils.

The other one, I just filled with nail varnishes which were lying about my room :) Very effective!

For some reason unknown to man-kind, my mum once bought a jar of Douwe Egberts coffee :/ The stuff is vile. Kenco all the way! However, the glass jar the coffee came in is tres pretty! So I nabbed that from the kitchen :D It is now the proud holder of my makeup brushes; of which I have few. I layered the bottom of the jar with some yellow bath crystals I know I'll never use and it looks lovely.

The Jar on the right is the fancy coffee jar.

Old cotton bud (Q-tip) boxes have proved relatively useful for me too. I collect 1p, 2p and 5pence coins as I really can't be bothered carrying them about in my purse. When I get a decent amount I'll make them to a 'coin-star' or something. 

Now, candle jars! I love glass candle jars, they're so pretty and useful :)

In an old Yankee candle jar I have little bits of makeup such as single eyeshadows and blushes which are usually just hidden away in a draw. In the little candle jar I have two little blushes and a small kabuki brush. And in the last jar I have pens, pencils and scissors which sit on my desk :) 

Three little candles which now hold cotton buddies, cotton pads for nail varnish removal and hair clips.

Candle jars can be little buggers to clean out but I used this video which made it much easier than trying to dig all the wax out haha.

I hope this post inspired you to start putting shiz in jars and I think I'll be doing a post on decorating them because that's my plan with mine :)

If you have any questions/thoughts or ideas on decoration leave your comments below, I'd love to hear from you :)

Thanks for reading and see you next time.
Leanne x


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