VISIQ Electric Facial Sauna

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I recently picked up the Visiq Electric Facial Sauna from Argos, I've wanted one of these for a good while now but I've always put off buying it thinking I'd use it once then it would just sit there doing nothing. However over the past few months I've been having a lot of sinus problems and headaches related to that and steam really helps to unclog my sinuses so that's what pushed me in to buying this. 

I looked on eBay and Amazon for one of these but I found that Argos was definitely doing the cheapest deal at only £11.99. The product can be used as either a whole face steamer or you can just use it on your nose. 

It's very quick and easy to set up, you just add a little water into the base using the provided measuring cup, turn it on and wait for it to heat up. I also have been adding some Vicks in to the water to help with my sinuses and that works brilliantly. You might want to try that especially if you have a cold. You could also use tea tree oil or other facial products if you'd like to do that. 

As far as the results you get from using this product, I think it does a great job of hydrating your skin and leaves it very smooth. I think to see long lasting results you'd have to get in to a routine of using it regularly. It says you should only use it 3 times a week but I think you could get away with using it as often as you want as long as you use it right. I.e. don't rest your face on the plastic like me... it will burn you! 

This product does clear my headaches while I'm using it but it's not a long lasting effect unfortunately it just provides a temporary relief. It's by no means designed to be a medical cure but it does provide relaxation and skin cleansing. 

I really do like this product and I'm pleased that I picked it up and for £12.00 it's definitely worth it. I like it's ease of use because if it was something that took me 10mins to set up I'd never use it. It's also easy to clean you just have to empty the water out and dry it off which is great! 

Price: £11.99

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