New Winter Coat! & 25% off at River Island!

Hello everyone!

I have two things to tell you about today, one I bought a new winter coat yesterday and two, if you don't know already I thought I'd let you know that in this months ELLE magazine there is a voucher for 25% off at River Island. 


I'd had my eye on this coat for a few weeks and I had it in my head that as soon and I got my student loan this September I was going to just go and buy it. Then, I clocked the voucher in ELLE and decided to just go and buy it early. 

The coat is £90.00 which is a lot of money but I commute to university and it takes about an hour to get there and last year I was freezing throughout the winter so I was determined to get myself a long, warm coat with a hood no matter what it cost me. The fact that ELLE had a River Island voucher in it this month definitely gave me the extra push to part with the money. 

Having said that, with the 25% off the coat was only around £67.00 which is a great saving and most other coats I've been looking at are within the margins of £75-£100. Can you believe it costs that much to be warm? 

Anyway, I just thought I'd quickly write this and get it published incase anyone else is on the verge purchasing something expensive at River Island and didn't know about the offer in ELLE. Also, when you buy the magazine you have to register the card online first so don't forget to do that first! 

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I wish I had heard about this earlier - a few days ago I brought a coat identical to this from Topshop for £95! I am tempted to pick up ELLE for the 25% off now, haha!
    Becky xx

  2. Oh no that must be annoying :( yeah it's a good deal if you've got your eye on a few things! :) xx


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