How to: Autumn Leaf Candle Holder!

Hello everyone!

If you read my first Crafty Haul post you may know what this is going to be about! I bought the bits I needed to make some Autumn and Winter candle holders and thought I'd show you how I made it. The pictures are pretty self explanatory so I''m not going to waffle on about it, it'll be like picture instructions! :D

Also I'd like to quickly mention that if you don't want to make this yourself or you just don't have the time to you can visit my Etsy shop HERE and buy one for yourself at only £3.00 each. I'm also in the midst of designing some Wintery candle jars so keep your eyes open for them if you're interested!

Anyway, on with the show...

First you have to pick your leaves! I live in a pretty leafy place so I just walked down the road for these but you could make a walk of it and go to your local park and pick some up! As the Autumn has only just set in there wasn't a great colour variation but in a few weeks there will be some really colourful leaves out there! You'll also want to press these overnight so they're nice and flat to work with. The next day, pick your favourites that you want to work with.

I like to gather everything I may need, some people may get things as they go along but I like to have everything ready from the kick off. Then, if you use the same jars as I did from Ikea you'll want to remove the lid to make it easier to work with. It comes off very easily and can be put back on at the end if you'd like. 

Position your leaves and get them ready for gluing! 

I covered the whole glass jar with glue then coated over the leaves too. 

Leave it to dry. This takes about 3 hours for it to be fit to work with again but it will need to be left over night for it to completely dry. 

When it was mostly dry I started to add the string around the top. I just glues all the way around the top and started from the bottom and worked upwards. 

I didn't glue over the top of the string because I didn't want that to be shiny. 

Whilst that was drying I added some glitter. I just applied it in the places where the leaves weren't completely flat. As in where the glitter would naturally land if it happened to be raining glitter... does that make sense? 

I left the whole thing to dry over night and the following day I applied a finishing spray to make sure the glitter etc. stays in place. By the evening it was ready to be used! I really like the effect it has, it's very Autumny and cosy. I think they'd make really lovely gifts :)

Are you going to be making your own Autumn candle holder? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is so lovely! I keep seeing these about and can't help think they're perfect for the dark nights in autumn!
    Great post.

    1. Thank you! They do look really pretty lit up in the dark :) You should have a go at making one they're so easy :D xx


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