A Crafty Haul... (Part 1)

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I got my student loan. Most people go for a good old clothing shop, not me. I hit Hobbycraft. 

I've seen some really pretty candle holders that people have designed on blogs and YouTube and I decided to make one for myself then thought 'oo wouldn't they be nice Christmas presents' so I stocked up on a few bits and pieces to make them and thought I'd show you! 

First, I picked up some glass paint. I thought it'd be nice to paint some Christmassy designs on them so I bought the colours black and a pearly white (it's showing up silver), yellow, red and blue. That way I can just mix other colours. The pearly white isn't as pure white as I'd like so I might go back and pick up a plain white. 

These were £2.69 each.
You can see them HERE.

Next, I bought some basic PVA glue and glitter glue. All the glitter that was just in shakers or pots was so expensive so I thought these would work just as well. They were also on 3 for 2 :)

The PVA glue was £3.00, you can buy it HERE.
The glitter glues were £1.99 each and they were on 3 for 2. You can see them HERE.

We also nipped to Ikea for the glass jars. I've seen these in there loads of times and debated picking some up for storage but never did. I picked up 4 small jars and 2 large jars. I just wanted to start with a few and see how it goes then I'll go back for more if it works out well. 

Small Jars were only 80p! You can see them HERE.
Large jars were £1.25, you can see them HERE.

I also bought 4 small jars. These will only fit a single tea light in them but they're ideal for just cute little gifts.

This set was £1.90, you can see them HERE.

Lastly, I saw these tweed sting things and thought they'd be nice and decorative too! 

These were 75p each but unfortunately I couldn't find a link for them on their website, sorry about that. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of craft related posts coming up soon.... 

See you next time, 
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