A Primark Haul!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, the Mother and I took a trip to Primark. I haven't been in there for ages so I was looking forward to seeing the new autumn/winter range and the new layout as the Manchester Primark has just been refurbished. They now have a Costa Coffee in there, it's crazy!

I picked up a few bits and bobs, I didn't see a great deal of things I liked in there to be honest, I think the prices are slowly increasing yet the quality of clothes is staying the same. I did want to pick up a few jumpers for uni but I just didn't see any I liked yet they had a vast amount of Christmas jumpers out already which I think's waaayyy to early, we're only in September! 

Anyway, I thought I'd show you the few things I did pick up so let's get on with it:

First, I saw this skater style skirt, It's kind of woollen and I thought it'd be a nice Autumn piece to wear with some thick black tights and a jumper. It came with the thin black belt which I really do like, I'm usually not too keen on the little belts that come with things in Primark but this one's matte black with a brassy coloured buckle. Also, I picked this up for only £5.00 reduced from £10.00 and for a fiver I think this is really nice.  

Next, I picked up a pair of jeggings and a pair of skinny jeans. I already have a couple of pairs of these and I really like them, They fit really well and they're a little thicker than leggings which is ideal throughout the winter. I just think they're nice to have to throw on for uni or when you don't want to get really dressed up but still want to look half decent! Plus, they're only £7.00 each which is really reasonable. I like them a lot!

For the first time ever I had a mooch around the cosmetics department. I like how the new area is set out for cosmetics, they used to just be in random places or in boxes as you were queueing at the till. Now they have a whole area set out for cosmetics which makes it much easier. They did have a lot of makeup and nail items but I didn't pick any up because I really don't need any more makeup, however, I did see a really nice eyeshadow palette which I might pick up next time I'm in there. 

I did buy these two brushes though. I'm in need of some new eyeshadow brushes, at the moment I just use my Urban Decay ones from the Naked palettes but having only two brushes when you're working with a lot of different colours can get messy. Anyway, I saw these and for £1.00 you can't go wrong, can you? So I'll give them a go and let you know what they're like!

Also in the cosmetics section I spied these little vials of Argan Oil. They had lots of different variations of this, I suppose they were all aimed at different hair types etc. But this seemed like the 'original' one and I've been meaning to try it for a while so this seemed ideal. They are £2.50 each and they had all different kinds so I'd definitely recommend having a look at them if you're umming and ahhing about buying a whole bottle.

Lastly, I saw these boots! They're Dr Marten style but obviously no where near the real thing. I really love this style of boot but I don't love them so much that I want to part with £90.00 for the real thing if you're getting my drift... 

If I did part with the money for the real ones I'd just be too scared of wearing them anyway through fear of ruining them whereas with these I can throw them on for uni or even a night out and I really won't be bothered if they get scuffed. These were a very reasonable £15.00 and I like them a lot! They also had them in burgundy and a floral pattern. I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of them!

So that's everything I picked up in Primarni I think I spent a total of about £38.00 which I'm pleased as punch with!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!
See you next time,
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  1. Lovely haul! Haven't been to Primark since May ooops:( xx

    1. Thanks! It's more exciting when you don't know what's going to be in stock haha :D xx

  2. I can't believe they have a costa in there now haha! Not been in for a while, really like the woollen skirt too, its a nice skirt for A/W as you said.
    Love your blog.
    Lauren xxx

  3. I can't believe they have a costa in there now haha! Not been in for a while, really like the woollen skirt too, its a nice skirt for A/W as you said.
    Love your blog.
    Lauren xxx

    1. hahaha I know it's so weird but I suppose you kind of need one after all the walking about you do in there!
      Thanks! Leanne xxx


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