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Hello Everyone!

It's that time of year again, the start of the academic year. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. It's a chance to start again, do something differently to how you did it last year, make some new friends, start learning different subjects, yet the first day/week back is always a killer isn't it?

I know the schools have been back for a few weeks now so they'll all be settled in but now it's time for university students to get themselves sorted. I have been doing just that so I thought I'd show you the bits and pieces I've picked up, hope you enjoy!

First of all, I bought this academic diary off eBay. I'm on a mission to be a bit more organised this year, I have a lot of coursework and a dissertation to work on as well as this blog and I'm not up for the challenge of only having a mental plan for all that. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm definitely not your most organised person, I have genuine issues when it comes to sticking to a plan, I'm just too laid back for that but I am going to give it my best this year to stick to some sort of organisation. Failing that, at least I can fill in my timetable and turn up to the right room.

The diary I bought is really usefull, it's week per view which I like and it has sections for your timetable, exam timetables, term times, subjects you're studying etc. It's a really nice, compact way to keep you life in order. I'm feeling very motivated by it... for now. 

Price: £1.70 (£3.00 with P&P)

I love the Oxford Refill Pads! The paper feels amazing! I've been buying them for the past 4 years throughout uni and college and I wouldn't use anything else, unless they were discontinued. I bought two of them and they'll probably last me the year. I'm not a big note taker. 

I also bought five small folders. I bought five thinking I'd then have one for each subject but then I realised I only have 3 subjects this year and a dissertation so I have one too many. Nevertheless these are one of the best ideas I've had all year. Last year I used to just keep all my notes in the note book I wrote them in then when it came to revision all the lessons and weeks were mixed up and I had to spend a day sorting them out. That was not ideal. So this year I'm going to sort them out by subject and hopefully make my life easier. 

Oxford Refill Pads
Price: £2.00 each (Tesco)

Small Folders
Price: £1.00 each (Tesco)

This years reading list. I bought the books as soon as the reading list was released thinking I was definitely going to read them in advance. I haven't. I just bought a pretty shelf to put them on.

Having said that, a few of these I have already read. I chose the units 'Reading and Writing Children's Literature' and 'Shakespeare' so a few of the children's books I studied at school and I studied a few Shakespeare plays in college. So I'm not completely clueless haha. 

When I was looking at where was cheapest to buy these books I priced them up on Amazon, eBay and a few other places and I found a website called The Book People. You can visit their website HERE and they were definitely the cheapest to buy all the books in bulk. I would highly recommend this site if you haven't used them before, they have a great range of really affordable, brand new books and they provide a very quick delivery service which is free if you spend over £25.00. I got all my Children's Literature books for just over £25.00, I was very pleased. 

Lastly, my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I haven't got as much use out of this as I would have liked throughout the summer but I know that when uni comes around this will be super duper useful to fill up time when I have gaps and when I'm travelling to and fro.

And that's everything! Other than pens and a bag that's all I really take to uni with me.
I hope this was enjoyable to read and it was somewhat helpful or interesting.
See you next time,
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