Barry M 'Countess' Nail Paint!

Hello everyone!

Did you see THIS beauty haul? No? Well in it, I mentioned some Barry M nail polishes that I'd bought. Two of which were from the new Matte range which I'm yet to review (I'll get there eventually...) but the one I'm going to review today is from their textured range and it's called 'Countess'.

The name 'Countess' is bang on for this polish in my opinion. It's dark and edgy, I absolutely love it. The base colour is a very dark purple which has lots of fine, golden and multi-coloured glitter running through it, so beautiful. Perfect for parties and New Years Eve! 

I've worn this twice since buying it, straight after each other which says something because I get bored with nail polished tres quickly. It seems like a really high end nail polish when you apply it, you only need one coat for it to be opaque with lots of glitter. You don't have to keep going over it. And for something that's glittery it dries fairly quickly too which is nice. 

It also has great staying power. For something like glitter which, for me, usually chips quickly this does not. I've had it on now for a week and I still don't have any chips! 

Something that may bug some people is that it is a textured polish so it's not nice and smooth when it dries. I've noticed that things like a woollen jumper will catch on it. That however can be solved no problem with a top coat. I've recently tried the matte and gel top coats from Primark, both of which I think are quite good. 

I'll also mention quickly that this is a nightmare to get off your nails. It looks lovely but when trying to get it off, it is not your friend. I'd recommend soaking one cotton wool ball for each nail in nail polish remover and leave them to chill on your nails for 5 minutes. That will make your life a bit easier!

What's your favourite NYE nail polish?

I hope you enjoyed reading this!
See you next time,
Leanne x


  1. Such a beautiful nail varnish and perfect for Christmas!

    1. I love it, one of my favourites that I've picked up recently!

  2. My favourite nail polish for NYE has got to be something sparkly ^^ im a new follower to yout blog - love the layout of your blog btw :D

    1. Thank you! Yeah, sparkly nail polish is a definite for NYE! x


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