Tom's Christmas Presents!

Hello everyone!

As promised, I thought I'd show you the presents I bought my boyfriend Tom for Christmas! I did write a 'stocking stuffer' post in which I mentioned a few bits and pieces but seeing as though Tom sometimes reads my blog, I couldn't mention everything!  

So now that Christmas Day has been and gone I can happily show you what Father Christmas brought Tom!

First, I bought this present months ago! I started my Christmas shopping early this year. Tom wanted some new after shave but I wasn't sure which one. When browsing Boots I really loved the scent of this Amen by Thierry Mugler, I'm a huge fan of the Angel for women and this one is like a more masculine version of that, it's kind of deep and spicy, I love it and so does Tom! 

Similarly, I picked up this Old Spice gift set. I wasn't sure what it was going to be like but it actually smells really nice. It's obviously spicy hence the name and I think tom likes it haha. He was a bit dubious at first because I think it's a little old fashioned but who cares if it smells nice eh?

These are the converse I bought for him, he knew he was getting these so it wasn't a surprise but he's very pleased with them and he 'can't wait to get them dirty' which is annoying. I'd prefer him to keep them clean! Also, they're double tongued, one is white and the other is blue which looks really cool! 

For Berlin, I bought him this Urban Knit hat and scarf set. Personally, I think it looks really nice, I love the bobble hat and I think it suits him but I don't think Tom's too keen haha. He said he'll wear them in Berlin but not in England the chicken! I'll have to wear it myself lol. 

Lastly, I bought him this jumper. I bought this a while ago too and I kept forgetting that I had it! It's from  Burton and it's a little different to what he usually wears as he's not big on wearing black things but it looks really nice on and he's been wearing it so it must be a winner!

I also put together a stocking for him with some sweets and bits for his car in it which I showed you in my Stocking Stuffers post a while back. 

I'm really pleased with what I bought for Tom this year, I think he liked everything! Last year I bought him lots of little things as opposed to this year where I bought less but better things. That was kind of what I was aiming for this year, quality not quantity so I'm happy that worked out! 

Hope you're enjoying these random days between Christmas and New Year that no one really knows what to do with! 

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x


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