Toni & Guy Finishing Shine Spray!

Hello Everyone!

I recently went a bit crazy on eBay, buying things I don't really need and all that and one of such things was this Toni & Guy Shine Spray. I actually went in Boots to repurchase it because this was a star in my hair routine all throughout high school and I wanted to buy it again. Unfortunately, it's no longer available to buy. It's been discontinued. I have no idea why because it's such a brilliant product!

So if you don't like to order things online I'd basically forget about buying this but if you're okay with the whole online thing I would highly recommend it!

All it really is, is a finishing spray. So after you've straightened or curled your hair you spray this on and it adds extra shine and healthiness and you get that whole 'I've been to the hair dressers' kind of feel. I much prefer to use this than a finishing serum because there's much less chance of adding a load of grease in to your hair with a spray. 

It's really light weight so you don't notice it weighing down your hair or anything. Also, it smells divine! It's such a nice scent but I just can't describe it. When I used to use this years ago (when the writing was red!) my nana commented what you could use it as perfume! I wouldn't go quite that far as it does smell like it belongs on your hair. I'd describe it as hair perfume!

The packaging is really lovely too, you get 100ml in a glass bottle, it's looks really pretty. I just can't understand why they would discontinue this :( When I was looking in Boots they didn't seem to have replaced it with anything similar either. Going to have to use this bottle extra sparingly! 

Anyway, if you're interested in buying this online and would like to use the same eBay seller as I did, click HERE. Price: £7.99

The delivery was quick and the item was not damaged. The box was a little scuffed around the edges but you have to accept that and move on when you're receiving things through the post. As long as the item is okay, I'm happy!

Let me know of anything similar that's available in the shops if you know of anything! 
I have to be honest and say that the scent is the reason why I repurchased this, so much nostalgia from the school days! However, the product itself is really great too. Win Win!

Thanks for reading,
 Leanne x


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