Osiris B69 Glasses!

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In October, I bought some new glasses! I'd had my old ones for two years and was getting bored of them so I booked myself an appointment to order some new ones. My rush in doing so was because I was under the impression that students don't pay full price for glasses but I was wrong. I did get some new glasses nonetheless. 

I bought the Osiris B69 frames. After reviewing so much makeup with fancy names I wish they made a bigger deal about giving the glasses names. However, I'm absolutely in love with them. When you've worn glasses for about 18 years of your 20 year existence, buying a new pair of specs is an exciting ordeal! I still get bedazzled by how popular and fashionable glasses are these days, 10 years ago people found it an embarrassment. I think it's great for young kids in school who only a few years ago may have been laughed at for having to wear glasses (wrongfully of course!) Now everyone wants to wear them!

Anyway, they're kind of cat-eyed in shape but not as rounded and the lenses are quite large if you're used to smaller glasses. When I first started wearing them I felt like I could see everything because my vision wasn't restricted as much by the frames. They're black on the outside and green on the inside... black and green are my favourite colours! I can see myself being extremely happy with these over the next two years. 

I've had quite a few pairs of Osiris glasses over the years and I've always been more than happy with them. My last pair were from Jasper Conran and they were a really nice pair too. I do think glasses are expensive for what they are, the B69 sell for £125 at Specsavers but I think for something you're going to be wearing a lot for at least 2 years, it's worth it. The only thing that bugs me about these and actually the last few pairs of glasses I've owned is my hair getting trapped in them. It's so annoying when you take them off and pull a load of your hair out too. And it hurts! I have no idea why this happens but, yeah, it's not great. 

Something else worth mentioning, if you have contact lenses from Specsavers you're entitled to huge discounts across their own glasses and designer glasses. I've worn contacts for the past 6 years so I've benefited from that greatly. These Osiris glasses were discounted to £45 and I payed an additional £40 for my lenses so all in all they cost £85 as opposed to £165. That's a pretty decent saving as far as I'm concerned! Within that price, I also got my lenses thinned so they don't look like the bottom of milk bottles, they have some kind of extra shiny glass in them too and I think they're scratch resistant. 

You can see this pair online HERE. £125.00
I'd definitely check out the Osiris glasses when you're getting your next pair as they have such a great range and variety to suit everyone. 

I hope that was interesting, what kind of glasses are your favourites? I really love the trend of big frames that's happening at the moment!

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